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ABOUT the gibsons gang


We’ve come a long way since Harry Percy Gibson formed H.P Gibson & Sons in 1919. Now led by his great-granddaughter Kate, we’re proud of the challenges we’ve overcome and the exciting new directions we’re moving in.

Our core mission has always been the same; bringing people together. It’s at the heart of everything we do. We firmly believe that businesses should work to create a sustainable, equitable and inclusive future for all. In November 2023 we were certified as a B Corp, joining a global community of companies striving for the same vision. You can learn more here.

From our family to yours – enjoy!


Celebrating 100 years of Gibsons

  • ‘H.P. Gibson & Sons Limited’ was formed in 1919 and we originally sold popular indoor games, such as ‘L’Attaque’ and ‘Dover Patrol’

  • Sadly our offices, manufacturing equipment and literature was destroyed during The Blitz in 1940. Therefore, manufacturing on our own premises was no longer possible.

  • Sons of the founder, Harry Aisbitt and Robert Gibson re-established trading from Barrett Street in London’s West End.

  • Michael Gibson became Managing Director in 1973. In the late 70s we shortened our name to ‘Gibsons Games’ and introduced classic games, such as ‘221b Baker Street.’ We launched our first jigsaw range in 1986 and our blue boxed puzzles arrived several years later in 2002, which redefined the Gibsons brand.

  • By the 21st century we had over 250 titles in our jigsaw collection, as well as best-selling games and playing cards. We also made the decision to shorten our company name to ‘Gibsons’ to reflect the diversity of our product range.

  • By the mid 2000s, Harry Percy’s great granddaughters, Kate and Nicki had sales and marketing roles in the business.

  • Kate stepped up to become Managing Director of Gibsons. Alongside a strong leadership team and dedicated staff, she has been leading the business in exciting new directions ever since.

  • In 2023 we were given B Corp certification for using our business as a force for good. We will continue to prioritise people and planet as we move into the future!

The Gibsons Way

What really matters to us?

Why choose gibsons?

  • We're a family business, committed to bringing people together with the fun and joy of puzzles and games.

  • With over 100 years’ experience, we make sure there’s something for all ages and abilities in our inclusive product range.

  • We work with world-renowned artists to create our amazing range of jigsaw designs, which we refresh three times a year.

  • We construct our jigsaws with premium puzzle board to provide you with quality that lasts.

  • Our jigsaws are incredibly eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled cardboard with optimised shipping methods, local manufacturing and biodegradable materials.

  • As a certified B Corp we prioritise people and planet, upholding high ethical standards through our culture, manufacturing and operations.


Hello! We are the Gibsons gang. Hover over our photos to find out more about our team.

  • Michael Chairman
    I have lived & breathed the company for over 50 years. The best bit is that feeling you get working with a team, who don't have your family involvement, but have that same enthusiasm & commitment.

  • Kate Managing Director
    Queen of the juggle, mum to the office dog and the one with a permanent supply of hand gel.

  • Amanda Commercial Director
    My happy place is with a hot cup of tea and a bar of Dairy Milk watching a highbrow documentary… oh ok Love Island.

  • Matt Operations Director
    I love good food and wine and living the London life. If you ever want something from me, I have a weakness for a classy bit of chocolate

  • Keith Finance Manager
    Abacus-botherer extraordinaire, never happier than when playing around with spreadsheets, except perhaps when in the boxing ring or exploring the countryside.

  • Jazmin HR & Culture Manager
    Big hugger, loves a cuppa and a chat, constantly juggling two toddlers and a zinfandel - not at the same time!

  • Tabitha UK Sales Manager
    Converse-wearing, AeroPress addict and winter tan fan! I’m happiest when exploring new countries, trying new cuisines and reading on a beach with an ice-cold Negroni..

  • Gemma Marketing Manager
    Body composition 90% sugar, usually can be found near the snack trolley. No meetings over lunch please!

  • Emily Product Development & Licensing Manager
    Half-pint sized, hockey playing, competitive nightmare, with a penchant for Harry Potter. If nothing else, you can rely on me for enthusiasm…by the bucket load!

  • Steve Supply Chain Manager
    My role is about having the right pieces in the right place at the right time. Elementary!!

  • Fiona Regional Sales Manager
    I love 80’s music, sunshine, outdoor fitness, reality tv and cats! Whatever you do – for work or play – do it with passion!

  • Carrie Sales & CS Team Leader
    Juggling mum who loves music and dancing. Has travelled and fav country is Bali!

  • Wendy Sales Administrator
    I am very good at accents – work hard play hard – life should be fun.

  • Leah Customer Services
    Usually found walking the dog and occasionally indulging in a Malibu and Diet Coke!

  • Ellie Accounts Assistant
    A coffee fuelled pretend-adult who has her mind stuck in the clouds.

  • Corrine Credit Controller/Account Assistant
    Enjoys a fun environment and always happy to help colleagues!

  • Abbey Operations Admin
    Gibsons Chief puzzle maker, obsessed with all things baking and bunnies!

  • Lauren Graphic Designer
    A keen runner, who love to travel and eat sushi at any opportunity! I have too many house plants!

  • Lauren Game Product Developer
    Qualified board game lover and all around nerd about almost everything. Beetle enthusiast and bird watcher!

  • Tom Marketing Assistant
    I love books, films, music, museums, nature, and spending time with my friends.

  • Annalise Marketing Assistant
    I love to travel and am determined to live somewhere hot when I’m retired so I can bake myself like a potato in the sun.

  • Nora Office puppy
    Puzzle destroyer extraordinaire!


It’s been an honour to continue the work my great-grandfather began back in 1919. His vision of bringing people together through the fun and joy of games burns as brightly as ever here at Gibsons.

In recent years, we’ve come to realise that this mission goes far beyond individual homes. Tackling social and ecological disharmony has become more pressing than ever, and making sure Gibsons evolves with the needs of our time has been a huge priority in my time as MD.

It’s been my warmest privilege to see everyone at Gibsons come together trying to make this vision a reality. Receiving our B Corp certification was a fantastic milestone; we are now part of a global community of businesses dedicated to the same cause. There is still much work to be done, but I believe the future looks bright.

We plan to keep moving forward, to keep developing the best puzzles and games on the market while making sure we leave a positive mark on the world. I think I speak for the whole Gibsons gang when I say thank you so much for being with us on this journey –we’re excited to see what the future holds!


We’re going to need a new trophy shelf at this rate!


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