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Gibsons Launches New Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription

Gibsons Launches New Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription
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At Gibsons, our vision is to bring joy to people and communities, one piece at a time, which we hope to strive for with the launch of our exclusive 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription Box

5th May 2022 marks the official launch of our Puzzle Subscription Box, readily available for you to sign up to, so you can start to receive brand-new, monthly jigsaw puzzles from Gibsons. 

We have three different jigsaw puzzle subscription lengths to choose from:

  • 3 months: £16 per month
  • 6 months: £15.20 per month
  • 12 months: £14.40 per month

With each of these subscription models, you will be one of the first to get a new 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle before general public release. Also, you have the option to pause at any time and start up again at a later date! 

We want to bring you a puzzle subscription box that gives you something to look forward to each month, at your convenience!

Subscribe to Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription here.


Why Subscribe to our Puzzle Subscription Box

Alongside receiving a new jigsaw puzzle every month, you benefit from exclusive digital content (including signed puzzles from artists), saving money on your jigsaws the longer you sign up for and joining a community of like-minded puzzle enthusiasts!

What could be better than that?

Plus, Gibsons jigsaw puzzles are made from the thickest board of any puzzle manufacturer, using FSC paper, 100% recycled board and delivered in sustainable cartons, making our puzzles last longer and kinder to our planet. 

How does Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription work?

By signing up for one of our subscription models, either the 3, 6, or 12 months subscription, you will receive a brand new jigsaw puzzle every month for your duration. 

Your first subscription puzzle will leave our warehouse within 2 days of ordering/starting your subscription service. Following on from that, your puzzle will leave our warehouse in the first week of each month for the duration of your subscription. 

We aim for each of our jigsaw puzzles to be delivered a similar date each month, varying slightly depending on weekends and bank holidays. As we mentioned before, you can also pause your subscription at any time, for up to two months. This part of the service is great if you need to have a break for a couple of months or if you are going on holiday and don’t want to miss your delivery!


Why Gibsons Puzzle Subscription is the Best on the Market

Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription Box Service

Gibsons takes pride in the fact that our jigsaw puzzles are made in the UK and Europe, never using air transport. This helps in lowering our carbon emissions and in supporting the UK and European manufacturers. Our entire business, including the delivery of our puzzle subscription service, is based on this model, which is something we take pride in. 

Furthermore, our jigsaw puzzle subscription allows dedicated fans of Gibsons and puzzle connoisseurs to receive a brand-new jigsaw every single month, right to your doorstep. Our puzzle subscription box makes for a great gift to someone special in your life or as a monthly treat to yourself. It’s easy to set up and maintain, you just need to sign up and we will handle the rest.

Our easy to pause subscription allows you to take control over your subscription model, plus you will never receive a puzzle which you already have - meaning you will always be pleasantly surprised!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the questions that may be on the tip of your tongue regarding our puzzle subscription. 

Is delivery free?

Yes - alongside being free, your jigsaw puzzles will be sent to you with a 48-hour tracking service, so that you can keep an eye on the progress of your delivery. 

Will my subscription auto-renew?

No - at the end of your subscription, we will email you to inform you that your subscription is coming to an end and to offer you the option to re-subscribe.

What type of puzzles will I receive in my subscription?

Every puzzle you receive in your subscription will be a complete surprise, except that it will be one of our 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. You could receive a puzzle from our White Logo Collection or special limited edition lines. It’s a mystery every month!

Click here to view our full list of jigsaw puzzle subscription FAQs.


Celebrating the Future at Gibsons

“We are so excited that our Subscription Service has finally launched! We first discussed the concept back in 2018 but other projects took priority and then we had the pandemic to contend with, so it feels incredible to see our plans come to life! It’s a fabulous scheme, especially as subscribers will always be the first to get their hands on our latest designs. I really hope our puzzlers love it as much as we do.”

Samantha Goodburn - Senior Marketing Manager


New Beginnings with Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription

The launch of our new service is something that the entire Gibsons team are excited for and we cannot wait for our fans and puzzle fanatics to get their hands on exclusive jigsaw puzzles every month. 

If you are interested in giving the perfect gift for your loved one or want to use this service yourself, you can subscribe to our puzzle subscription today!

Subscribe to Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription here.


Share the Love!

We would love to see your finished jigsaw puzzle. You can tag us on social media to share your photos and videos with the Gibsons team!

Twitter: @Gibsons_puzzles

Instagram: @gibsons_puzzles

TikTok: @gibsons_puzzles 


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