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Family Fun Christmas Board Games [The Ultimate Guide]

Family Fun Christmas Board Games [The Ultimate Guide]
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The official countdown for Christmas has started and with that, all the Christmas festivities are underway! But having to prepare for the big day can feel draining and overwhelming, especially making sure that you have enough planned for you and your family for the rest of the Christmas break. 

That’s why we have put together the ultimate guide of family fun Christmas board games, filled with lots of Christmas goodies and ideas of games that you and all your family can enjoy this season. 

Pass The Pud


Pass the Pud Family GameThis family fun game is the perfect Christmas board game. Pass The Pud is a festive-action-packed team game similar to Pass the Bomb, but with a festive twist!

Pass The Pud will fill your evening with great entertainment, with players of four or more taking it in turns to draw a card from four different categories. With the Christmas pudding acting as a timer, each player must think of an answer as fast as possible, passing on the pud to the next player once finished.

This cycle continues but you’ll have to be quick... the clock is ticking. The player holding the pud when the timer finishes will hear a huge ‘burp’, they will lose and the rival team receives their sixpence! Pass The Pud is a quick, sharp and witty game where families become foes to battle it out to receive the most sixpences and win the game!

Mind The Gap

Stay at home this Christmas and take a trip around London’s famous underground with the family-friendly card game, Mind The Gap. This quick and easy-to-play card game features well-known tube stations, in which players work to match tube line colours and avoid the special wild cards to be the first player to get rid of all your cards.

Suitable for kids ages 6+, teens and adults, this game will leave you wanting more on your family night-in. Explore the London underground and have a fun, quiet night competing to be crowned the winner of Mind The Gap. 




Out Of Order

The trivia game with a twist - how exciting! Answer the quirky questions to score points, but here’s the catch: you give the answer to the question before! This quirky and hilarious trivia game will leave you and your family in stitches, but it is no laughing joke. Out Of Order will put you to the test, and can even catch out experienced quizzers. 

Have you got your thinking caps on? Because you are going to need them! This Christmas board game is suitable for everyone aged 14 and over, and it is easy to learn. Experience nights filled with fun and joy, as you laugh your way through the Christmas holidays.

Here's a sneak peak at what’s in store for you with our viral TikTok video of the game in action: 

221b Baker Street Sherlock Holmes

Do we have some detectives in our midst? From the world’s most celebrated fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, comes 221b Baker Street - The Master Detective Game. 

Jam-packed with 75 different cases to solve, this family-fun board game will keep you busy for hours on end, searching for clues throughout different locations on the game board to solve the mysteries.

Suitable for players ages 10+, teens and adults, players will take turns to find and collect clues to answer questions listed on the case card, returning to the iconic 221b Baker Street location and sharing their theory on how they cracked the case. If they are correct, then they are the winner!

Could you be the next Sherlock Holmes? 


Fasten your seatbelts as we take you back in time to the Ancient World of 8000BC in Civilization. In this skill and strategy family board game, 2-7 players will each control a different nation, with the goal in mind to gain overall advancement of cultural, economic and political factors. 

Rather than battling in a war, your strategy is to raise conflicts over rivalry and land shortage, leading your nation to become the most powerful and advanced civilization on the board!

Bring your family together and see who will become the ultimate leader over their nation in the fun and strategic Civilization. 

Hare & Tortoise

Just like the iconic story, Hare & Tortoise is a strategic and fun-filled board game, in which players must race to the finish line. Using your carrots as your fuel, each player will take it in turns to move, but be careful - the further you move in one turn, the sooner you run out of your carrots (and you don’t want that to happen)!

Rather than a dice-rolling game of chance, this game will take skill and strategy as you move your way along with the board, disposing of your lettuce cards along the way. 

Created by renowned games inventor David Parlett, this is the perfect Christmas board game for a family night-in. The question is, will you race to the finish line or take it slow and steady to win the race?


Grab your football boots and get ready to bring it home with the Wembley family board game! Recreate the famous 1984 FA Cup with your favourite teams and get ready to knock out the competition with this dice-and-card board game.

Taking it in turns, players must whittle down 32 teams to 2 by using strategy to manage your teams and your hard-earned cash (in-game - not literally). Then, players must face head-to-head in an intense finale at Wembley stadium. This fantastic game is perfect for uniting the family at Christmas, uplifting our spirits and bringing it home for your team!


Three Frogs More

Brought to you by our Little Gibsons collection, Three Frogs More is a simple tile-laying game that is perfect for all the family, but extra fun for your little ones. This easy-to-play game is perfect for staying indoors during the cold Christmas season. 

The aim of the game is to score points by making lines of three or more frogs of the same colour, but with only 3 tiles in your hand to choose from and only one place to put them. It’s fun and challenging, helping to encourage colour recognition and improve mathematical skills, whilst aiming to win!

This Christmas, bring home the Three Frogs More game for a peaceful night in. 




Chicken Out

Another one of our popular games from the Little Gibsons collection is Chicken Out! Just like the classic 21 card game, players in this egg-citing card game must take it in turns to reach 21 from their deck of cards. 

But watch out as hidden within the deck are 10 cheeky foxes, which doubles the count of your hand, either helping or hindering your chances of winning. The first player to run out of cards wins!

This fun-filled, witty game is perfect for children aged 7+ and provides lots of fun for adults too. Spend a fun-filled evening with your family this Christmas with this children-friendly card game.






Are you ready to embrace your silly side this Christmas? Quirk! is a hilarious family card game, where making funny sounds and actions, whilst causing a whole lot of mischief, is encouraged! This game is perfect for family and friends at Christmas, providing interactive play for all ages. 

Quirk! consists of 26 characters, with each game including 2 decks of cards, allowing players to mix and match your favourites to make every game different. The aim is to embrace your silly side and act your way to the top by impersonating characters, collecting the most ‘Quirk’ cards. 

Earn your quirky title and merrily laugh all night long, surrounded by your family and friends this Christmas with the amazingly-silly Quirk!


Woodland Happy Families

Last but certainly not least, let’s take it back to basics with the simple ‘set collecting’ card game that is both fun and family-friendly: Woodland Happy Families! 

Players must work their way through to collect complete family sets by requesting cards from other players, with the winner of the game the person who collects the most at the end. 

This retro and charming children’s card game features beautiful colour illustrations of various woodland creatures, making this the perfect Christmas board game for all the family. 




Hours of Fun with Gibsons Games this Christmas

Hopefully, you can find something to inspire your family game nights this Christmas season from our ultimate Christmas board game guide. Even though we have named a few board games which we think will provide you with hours of fun, we also produce a wide variety of puzzles too. You can view the full collection here

Do you have a question about one of our games? Feel free to get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

From everyone here at Gibsons, we hope that you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year, filled with fun and joyous moments. 


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