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Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day
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Friday 8th May marks 75 years since Victory in Europe Day, the day that allied forces announced the surrender of Germany in Europe. After Germany surrendered the day before, VE Day marked the end of Adolf Hitler’s war and sparked celebrations around the world as, after six years of war, the fighting had finally come to an end.

This year, VE Day celebrations will be a little different. But just because you have to stay indoors rather that attending street parties, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate in your own way. At Gibsons, we have lots of games and puzzles and commemorate those who fought hard during World War II.

VE Day 500 piece Puzzle



This 500 piece puzzle depicts a community celebrating on 8th May 1945, following six years of war. The nation and indeed the whole world erupted into scenes of jubilation following the unconditional surrender by Germany’s General Jodl.

Road to Dunkirk 1000 piece puzzle

This 1000 piece Nicholas Trudgian jigsaw puzzle portrays the 19th of May 1940, a day of hectic aerial fighting as the greatly outnumbered fighters of the R.A.F. battled to keep the Luftwaffe away from the retreating British Army. By the close of the day, courageous Hurricane pilots had claimed close to 100 enemy aircraft. 


The Evacuees 4x500 piece Puzzle

With four 500 piece puzzles in one box, you’ll be taken on a journey with the children during the Second World War. Saying goodbye was hard, but for some arriving in the countryside brought new friends and experiences. After months or sometimes years, the children were returned home. Much had inevitably changed, but friendly faces were ready to collect them and rejoice at their homecoming.


 Tangmere Hurricanes 500 piece Puzzle

 Mk1 Hurricanes of 601 Squadron, refuelled and rearmed, climb to rejoin the battle during the summer of 1940. Below, life goes on as a Southern Railway Train pulls out of a local village station.

Spitfire Skirmish

It’s 1940 and the Battle of Britain is full steam ahead as the Spitfire and Messerschmitt tussle above the Thames. Flying the Spitfire is the renowned RAF officer ‘Stapme’ Stapleton, the pilot who famously almost hit Tower Bridge as he pulled away from the skirmish depicted in this scene


A 'capture the flag' style game of strategy, L'Attaque was the precursor to the popular title, Stratego, and was a firm favourite of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

World War II Playing Cards


The cards feature images of the brave soldiers, memorable posters and dramatic photographs that nostalgically remind the player of the men and their machines that fought for our country.

Warplanes Playing Cards

Warplanes singles celebrate the great fighting aircrafts of World War II. The cards feature dramatic and evocative images of the brave warplanes and their specifications.

RAF Centenary Playing Cards

These playing cards show 100 years of the Royal Air Force and commemorate the aircraft and airmen who defended our shores and triumphed in two world wars; and the commanders, crews and gallant women who made victory in the air possible.


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