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‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ - OMG Kitty x Gibsons

‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ - OMG Kitty x Gibsons
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As human beings, we all experience the highs and lows that life has to offer, and sometimes we need a reminder to be kinder to ourselves - which is why Gibsons has launched the Be Kind to Your Mind 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, in which we wanted to highlight our jigsaw puzzle, to serve as a reminder that you are enough and that you matter.

Be Kind to Your Mind 500 piece jigsaw puzzle from OMG Kitty.

This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is simply one-of-a-kind. The design has a calming yet delightful effect on you, with the use of pastel tones and eloquent illustrations. The main circle design of ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ showcases a starry night in a desert, with the sun shining brightly, followed by colourful clouds and rays of sunlight on the outskirts.

Every Gibsons jigsaw puzzle can be interpreted in its own way, but we like to think that this puzzle is showing that even though there are times of darkness, there will always be light. You cannot have one without the other, providing a reminder to people who may be struggling that they are never alone. 


The Artist Behind ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’

Kitty Bardsley designer and illustrator featured in Gibsons.

The ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ jigsaw puzzle was created in collaboration with Kitty Bardsley - the founder of the illustration studio OMG Kitty. Gibsons have worked closely with Kitty to create a number of new jigsaw puzzles for our White Logo Collection, including her ‘Purrfect Plants’ 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Her illustrations offer a contemporary design for our puzzles, varying from the traditional jigsaw puzzles that most people see. 

Her unique and contemporary illustrations provide jigsaw lovers with beautifully crafted puzzles, offering up bright colours and patterns that are simply works of art, in which the ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ puzzle is no exception to that. 

In fact, we recently had a chat with Kitty to gain an insight into her life and her thought process behind her designs. You can read the full interview below:

Read: Exclusive Interview with Artist Kitty Bardsley 


Jigsaw Puzzles and Mental Health

Even though it would be nice to say “jigsaw puzzles cure mental health issues”, we would just be lying. But, completing jigsaw puzzles can help in making a mental health problem more manageable. 

There have been various studies and academics who have said that jigsaw puzzles are a great way to reduce stress, and provide fun and calm nerves. All of this can contribute to improving your mental wellbeing and productiveness, enabling you to become engaged with something that can occupy your mind. 

As you piece together a jigsaw puzzle, you can create a sense of calm and serenity in your mind, allowing for external worries and stresses to melt around you, showcasing that jigsaw puzzles can be both meditative and satisfying. 

At Gibsons, we care deeply about the wellbeing of our team and our customers, in which people are at the very heart of everything that we do. By producing jigsaw puzzles, like the ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ 500 piece puzzle, we are hoping to support people in whatever way possible. 

With Mental Health Awareness Week underway, if you need help or support at this current point in time, don’t be afraid to speak up. You can look for information and reach out for support from Mind on their website or you can talk to someone in confidence. 

Find help and support from Mind here.

To learn more about how jigsaw puzzles help with mental health, you can check out some of our previous blogs.

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Remember, Be Kind to Your Mind

The ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ jigsaw puzzle really speaks to every single one of us. We need to remind ourselves that we are worthy, that we do matter and that we are important. This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle serves as a healthy reminder, whilst also giving you a fun activity to do and a beautiful design at the end of it all. 

If you are interested in purchasing this fantastic 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, then you can buy it online from Gibsons today.

Buy ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ 500 piece jigsaw puzzle here.

Be Kind to Your Mind 500 piece puzzle from Gibsons.


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