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5 Weeks of Playing Cards: How To Play President

5 Weeks of Playing Cards: How To Play President
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Over the next 5 weeks, we are showcasing our beautiful Piatnik playing cards while teaching you how to play a new card game. With Digital Detox Day being celebrated on the 5th September, playing card games are a great way to turn off your digital devices and play some card games with your friends.

You can read our blog about other ways to have a digital detox here.

This week, learn how to play President.

This is a fun game for 3 or more players. The aim of the game is to use all your cards up first. The winner becomes the President for the next game, and the loser becomes the Peasant.



How to Play: President

How Many Players



1 standard pack of cards, jokers included.

For groups of 6+, you can combine two decks of cards.

Set Up

Shuffle all the cards and deal them out to each player. Some players may have one card more than others.

Good to Know

The lowest card is three, going all the way up until queen, king, ace, two, joker. Joker is a trump card and can be played on anything to automatically win the hand.

How to Play

The person with the three of clubs starts. They place the three of clubs and play continues clockwise. The next player can only play a card that is higher than the preceding card, but cards do not need to be played consecutively. If you are unable to play, you pass your turn and you can no longer play until the next round. Once nobody else can play, the cards in the middle are flipped and discarded.

The person who had the highest card then begins the next round and the process repeats.

If the first player of the round plays two cards of the same value, everyone must also play two cards. This can also be done with triples.

As the joker is the trump card, one joker can be played on doubles or triples and will still win the round.

Game play continues until everyone has played all their cards. The first person to finish their hand is the winner, who becomes president for next game. The last person to finish their hand is the loser – the Peasant for the next game. 

For the next game, the cards are reshuffled and dealt out to all players.

The peasant from the previous game passes the best card in their hand to the president. In return, the president provides the peasant with any card from their hand they do not want.

For the second game and any following games, the peasant begins by placing their cards, and play repeats as above.

Optional Rules


If three cards in a consecutive order are played, the person who plays the third card can call consecutive. This means that play must continue with consecutive numbers in ascending order. If a player cannot play, they must pass. Of course, joker can still be played to win the hand.

10 Go Low

When a player plays a 10, they can choose whether to call “go high” or “go low.” If go low is chosen, the next player can play a lower card of their choice. Play then must continue with a higher card from that. However, If go high is chosen, play continues as normal.

And that’s how you play President. Have fun! If you enjoy playing, don’t forget to tag us on social with #GibsonsCardGames.

For this game we used our fantastic Bansky playing cards.

Watch the instructional video below on how to play.




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