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5 Weeks of Playing Cards: How to Play Last Card

5 Weeks of Playing Cards: How to Play Last Card
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Throughout September, we are showcasing our beautiful Piatnik playing cards while teaching you how to play a new card game. We celebrated Digital Detox Day on the 5th September, and playing card games are a great way to turn off your digital devices and play some card games with your friends.

You can read our blog about other ways to have a digital detox here.

This week, learn how to play Last Card.

This is fun, family-friendly game for 2 or more players. The aim of the game is to use all your cards up first. When you're down to your final card, remember to shout "Last Card!"

How to Play: Last Card

How Many Players



1 standard pack of cards, jokers removed.

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Get rid of all the cards in your hand.

Set Up

Shuffle the cards and deal 5 or 7 out to all players. 7 cards provides a slightly longer game. Place the remaining deck face down in the middle, with one card turned over to form a discard pile.

How To Play

The player to the left of the dealer begins and play continues in a clockwise direction. Players must play either the same suit, or the same number as the previous card played.

If a player cannot play a card they pick a card from the draw pile. Their turn is now over.

Ace is used as a wild card and can be used on top of any other card. When a player plays an ace, they can use it to change the suit of the cards being played.

When a player has one remaining card in their hand they must say “last card.” If they don’t, and they play their card on their next turn, they must pick up another 3 cards.

The first person to get rid of their hand is the winner. 

Optional Rules

2 = Pick Up 2, 5 = Pick Up 5

If a player plays a 2, the next player must pick up 2 cards. Alternatively, they could play another 2 and the next player would have to pick up 4.

The same rule would apply if a player plays a 5. The next player picks up 5 cards, or adds another 5 to accumulate.

10 = Reverse Direction

If a player plays a 10, the direction reverses to the previous player.


And that's how you play Last Card. Have fun! If you enjoy playing, don't forget to tag us on social with #GibsonsCardGames.

For this game we used our fantastic Sassy Women playing cards.

Watch the instructional video below on how to play.



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