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Why Board Games Are the Perfect Activity for the Kids This Summer

Why Board Games Are the Perfect Activity for the Kids This Summer
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The school summer holidays are fast approaching and soon the kids will be at home in need of entertainment. We know that keeping them busy can be quite the challenge, and no one wants to see them just glued to screens! Unsurprisingly, we believe that board games are one of the best pastimes for children. But don't just listen to us. There's plenty of evidence to suggest that there are many benefits to playing. Read on to find out more!

Improves Cognitive Functioning

Board games have been shown to develop players' logic and reasoning skills. This study found that 'board gaming seems to enhance fluid intelligence, verbal working memory, and social performance.'

A German study found that playing chess boosted both the analytical thought-processing "right" side of the brain, as well as the creative "left" side of the brain.

While children are on holiday, playing games is a great way to keep their minds sharp and ready for when term starts again. 

Great Indoors Activity

Though it pains us to say it, experts are predicting that this summer could be the wettest on record. Gaming is a fantastic pastime to be completed from the safety of indoors. 

And to expend some of that endless energy, our speed reflex games like Go for Gold and Fast Track are an excellent choice. They players having to rapidly grab cards from the table, making for lots of laughter and some very lively gameplay!

Digital Detox

We live in a hyper-digital world. Children are increasingly losing themselves in video games, Instagram feeds and YouTube videos as opposed to engaging in healthy, social play.

The blue light from electronic devices has been shown to disrupt a person's sleep cycles and other body rhythms causing negative effects on energy levels and mental wellbeing. 

Furthermore, the dangers of passively scrolling are becoming increasingly apparent . Dopamine is the brain chemical associated with drive and motivation. Using screens causes it to release in large amounts, depleting reserves while disassociating reward from the effort process, creating addictive cycles which are hard to overcome. 

Compare this to board games require us to exert effort, socially cooperate and have no blue lights! It's a much better way for kids to get those thrills and juicy dopamine kicks.

Prevents Cognitive Decline 

We now know that a life of playing games reduces people's risk of age-related cognitive decline. And, in the wise words of Aristotle - the habits formed in youth make all the difference - so now is the time to get them playing!

Playing games has been shown to help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. This 68-year-long study found that a higher frequency of gaming reduced the amount of cognitive decline in participants later in life. 

Playing games can help stimulate the brain areas responsible for memory formation and complex thought processes for all ages, using mental skills such as decision-making, higher strategic thinking, and problem-solving. 

Connection with Others 

Playing board games is a perfect opportunity to connect and open up to others. Playing games can encourage people to be more socially outgoing, assertive and cooperative. 

It's super-important for children to form social bonds and keep those grooves greased in the holidays when life can easily become more isolating. Playing games is a fantastic activity for people of all ages to get together, and a great holiday activity!

Olympic Season

The beginning of the school holidays coincides with the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This is an event that the whole country will come together for, so we don't want anyone to miss out!

Our Team GB games Go for Gold and Ready Set Win have arrived ready for the Olympics, and are an excellent choice for your games cupboard this summer. Children will love immersing in the world of Team GB as Olympic obsession sweeps the world. 


In summer holidays it's important to help the little ones keep their minds busy and active, and board games are a fantastic way to do so. We love our Team GB games as the top choice for this summer, but if you’re after something different, then check out our full range of amazing board games: 

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