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Top Picks for National BBQ Week!

Top Picks for National BBQ Week!
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This year marks the 25th National BBQ Week; that’s an entire quarter century of quality food and family fun! What better way to celebrate than to play some games with your loved ones whilst feasting on your very own BBQ?

With lockdowns easing and temperatures rising, the smells of sizzling meat, non-meat and vegetables will soon be upon us. That's why we’ve collated a list of some of our favourite puzzles and games to get you in that summer-y mood!


Summer Days

In this bestselling 1000-piece puzzle, Steve Crisp has painted the perfect summer’s day. As the kids frolic in the paddling pool and the Spencer family have a game of badminton, Mr Willis and his granddaughter Daisy are in charge of the BBQ!

Summer Days £14


Dream Picnic

What could be dreamier than an alfresco lunch in the Mediterranean sun? Part of our White Logo Collection, this 636-piece jigsaw puzzle is a mouth-watering treat for both your eyes and stomach! This design has been illustrated by Bethany Lord, whose work explores travel, lifestyle and the world through bold digital colour palettes and different layering techniques, to create depth and detail.

Dream Picnic £11.50


Caravan Outings

In this special 500-piece multi-box, artist Kevin Walsh takes us back to the 60s. when families holidayed in the Highlands with their caravans. Can you spot Craigievar Castle in the background of one of the puzzles? The Scottish, seven-storey castle was built around 1576 and is said to have been an inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

Caravan Outings £16.50


Camp Gibsons

This 36-piece puzzle is part of our Little Gibson Collection, which features a variety of bright and colourful jigsaw puzzles and games that have been tailor-made for inquisitive children. Join Camp Gibson and explore the great outdoors today!

Camp Gibsons £8



If you’re low on space at your family friendly BBQ, this is the game for you! The hilariously quirky family card game of sounds, actions and mischief. Embrace your silly side as you act your way to victory by impersonating characters to collect the most ‘Quirk’ cards. With 26 character cards, each game includes 2 decks of cards so you can mix and match your favourites to make every game different.

Quirk! £12


Pass the Bomb

One of our best-selling games is none other than Pass the Bomb! The ultimate word game that will have the whole family on the edge of their seats. For about thirty nail-biting minutes, players nerves are tested to the limit as they frantically think of words whilst the timer ticks away, in the hope that they won’t be holding the bomb when it explodes!



Pass the Bomb – The Big One

Pass the Bomb - The Big One was brand new for 2020, and is a bigger version of the classic game. It is super fun, fast-paced and action-packed. Pass the Bomb – The Big One contains five different challenges. Rhyme Artist tests players’ rhyming abilities; Word Acrobat forces players to think of words containing all three of the letters on the cards; Category Captain challenges you to think of things that are “smaller than a mouse” or “larger than an elephant”; Puzzle Pro tests your puzzling skills; and Bounce Boss pushes your dexterity to the limit – can you bounce that little wooden ball into that tiny cup? All the while the ticking time-bomb piles on the pressure!

Pass the Bomb – The Big One £22


Piatnik Playing Cards

Piatnik have been making the finest quality playing cards since 1824. Their superior standard makes these playing cards a favourite in the market, and the single packs with unique classic and historical designs on each card are ideal for collectors and gifts. Upgrade your games night and admire their unique designs (whilst drinking responsibly!):


A classic cocktail of gins old and new. The elegant labels, ads and graphics of yesteryear mingle with the stylish presentation of today’s impeccably crafted artisan gins. Playing cards to savour like the subtle scent of juniper.

Gin £5


Prosecco is a phenomenon, the most popular light fizz in the world – bubbly and delicious. This pack celebrates the allure of our favourite drink, in memorable and witty images, fantastic posters and, featuring great prosecco cocktails.

Prosecco £5

Or check out our other playing cards by Piatnik here!



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