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Top 5 Games To Play On A Date

Top 5 Games To Play On A Date
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In one of our other Gibsons blog entries, we’ve talked about some of the best two-player board games to play, but what about if you’re looking for one that’s for a date? Whether it’s the first date or the 100th, board games are a great way to spend some quality time together, as well as getting to know your partner on a deeper level.

When we think of dates, we think of going to the cinema, bowling, eating out at a restaurant or getting drinks at a bar. So it’s understandable if playing a board game isn’t the first idea that springs to mind. But if the Covid-19 pandemic taught us one thing, sometimes the most fun can be had when staying in, rather than going out!

That’s why we’ve put together our top 5 games to play on a date with your other half. From strategic games to the classics, there’s a variety of games to choose from that suit all tastes. But first, let’s look at why board games are such good fun for two people on a date!

Why board games are good fun for couples

You might have good memories of playing board games and cards from when you were younger, but they are by no means just for children! Board games are a great activity for a date, as they allow you to get to know one another better, find things that you have in common with another, and most importantly, have hours of fun together! 

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that couples who play board games together have an improved love life. Research conducted by Baylor University in the US found that partners who played board games together released more oxytocin (the so-called love hormone) when they spent time together during this activity. As the research lead, Karen Melton, Ph.D. explains:

“Couples playing the board games would interact more because they were communicating about the games and strategies, or because they were competing, and with more interaction, they would release more oxytocin.”

So not only do couples who play board games together strengthen their bond, but they also improve their communication, as well as releasing calming effects on stress and fear due to the oxytocin. So next time you think about going out for a meal with your other half, why not order in, set up one of the below board games, and have a great, cosy date in?

Here are some of the best games to play on a date:


Chess is a great game that requires a lot of skill and strategy to get one up on your opponent. Originating in 5th century India, by the 19th century it had become established as the most popular of all classic board games. In just the past year, it’s had a resurgence in popularity, thanks to the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

Now we know what you’re thinking: ‘playing chess for a date?’ Although it’s an unconventional choice that’s high-risk, it also offers high rewards. If you both enjoy the game, it’s one date that’ll definitely be remembered by both of you. Plus, playing chess together will be an engaging and involving experience. 

And the best part about our travel chess set? It’s portable and compact, meaning you can take it virtually anywhere to play! You can play chess in a bar, in the park, or even on a train!

Shut the Box

This board game is quick, fun and ideal for two players, making it the perfect choice for a date! You may have Shut the Box pop up on your TikTok feed, as it’s having a resurgence in popularity. That’s because it’s a classic game that is also a great challenge for you both to enjoy down the pub, in a caravan, the park, or simply from the comfort of your house. Like chess, it’s portable!

Even better, Shut the Box is simple and easy to play, meaning you won’t be stuck reading over the rules of the game for too long. Each player takes it in turn to throw the dice, and each time the dice is thrown the player may close one or more flaps with a total ‘value’ that matches the combined value of the two dice. If you cannot close a flap or flaps to the value of the dice, the turn passes to your opponent. The object is to finish your turn, leaving as few flaps open as possible.


If you both love a bit of history and enjoy video games that are based around strategy and logic, then opt for our Civilisation board game for your digital-free date. Originally published way back in 1980, our team at Gibsons have redesigned and relaunched this classic game of strategy, due to popular demand.

Civilization is not a war game, although battles and territorial strategy are important. The object of the game is not to eliminate the other players on the board, but rather, you have to develop your ancient nation into a civilisation to be reckoned with. 

Be warned though, this game is for serious players! Not only is it more mentally challenging, but you both must also prepare yourself to be in it for the long haul. If you have plenty of time to spare on your date night, then don’t worry. In total it can take you 4+ hours to fully complete Civilization but trust us, it’s worth it. You’ll both have plenty of fun together along the way!


If you’re both fans of the beautiful game, then Wembley is a great choice for your date together - even if one of you supports Liverpool and the other Manchester United! Not only are you guaranteed to have bundles of football-based fun with this board game, but it gives you the opportunity to bond over your mutual love of the sport.

Wembley takes you all the way back to the glory of the 1984 FA Cup. You and your date can recreate the game with your favourite teams as you try to knock out the competition. Wembley’s gameplay has similar elements of Monopoly incorporated into the game, as players must use their hard-earned cash to buy and sell players, as well as hoping that the odds are in their favour when they roll the cleverly weighted dice.


If none of the above-board games tickle your fancy, then you can always opt for the classic game of dominoes. There are various different ways you can play this game, but the main aim is to score points by laying the dominoes end to end. It’s a simple, quick and easy-to-understand game and one that most people already know how to play.

Due to the simplicity of dominoes, this makes it a great game to play on your date whilst you chat and get to know one another better. You can play together over a glass of wine in the living room, or make the most out of the portability of the board game and take it out with you to the park, or pub.

Get date-ready with Gibsons

At Gibsons, we produce some of the best and most entertaining board games to play on a date.  If you’re interested in having the perfect night of fun with your significant other, then roll the dice and take a look through our award-winning board games and puzzles. You can view the entire collection here.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.


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