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Summer Holiday Fun: ‘Wish You Were Here’ Jigsaw Puzzles

Summer Holiday Fun: ‘Wish You Were Here’ Jigsaw Puzzles
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Summer is in full swing (even if the weather doesn’t always show that) and you know what that means! It is time for fun in the sun, playing summer games, getting out and about in the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends. One of the ways in which you can spend your summer is with our newest release: ‘Wish You Were Here’ jigsaw puzzles, which features four 500 piece jigsaw puzzles!


'Wish You Were Here' jigsaw puzzle box with designs on the front.

Wish You Were Here 4 x 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

What’s better than one jigsaw puzzle? Not two, not three, but four jigsaw puzzles all in one box! This jigsaw puzzle set will take you on a trip down memory lane, enjoying scenic sights of the seaside, the beach and the amusement park. 

The first jigsaw puzzle depicts families walking past and around shops near the seaside on a sunny day, with garland flags flapping in the wind. You can see excitement on children’s faces as they are ready to head to the beach with their buckets, fishing nets and footballs. A lovely flashback for many who used to spend their time at Blackpool beach during the summer holidays!

Jigsaw puzzle of children and families near the beach walking around shops.

The second jigsaw puzzle in the collection shows adults and children enjoying a train ride alongside a river, with people bobbing along in boats next to ducks with onlookers enjoying a lovely summer afternoon tea.

Jigsaw puzzle picture of people rowing on a lake and people on a train.

Next, the third jigsaw puzzle features parents having fun with their children at an amusement park, playing a game of mini golf! Who doesn’t love an afternoon of fun and games with the family in summer?

Jigsaw puzzle picture of people at an amusement park and playing mini golf.

Finally in the ‘Wish You Were Here’ collection, families have joined together on the beach to build sand castles, ride the donkeys, enjoy a trip to sea with a boat ride and people sunbathing on the beach.

Jigsaw puzzle picture of families at the beach in the summer.

All four of these jigsaw puzzles are reminiscent of some people’s childhood or parenthood, with laughing and relaxing times during warm summer days. 

Buy: ‘Wish You Were Here’ 4 x 500 jigsaw puzzles - £25.00


About The Artist - Trevor Mitchell

This jigsaw puzzle set was created by the talented artist Trevor Mitchell. His classical yet beautiful artwork is featured in a number of our jigsaw puzzle collections, such as one of our best sellers ‘The Florist’s Round’ 4 x 500 jigsaw puzzles. Trevor has a keen eye for detail, focusing on encapsulating emotions and meaning into his paintings, that depict the scenery around most of us in everyday life. The Trevor Mitchell jigsaw puzzle range is surely one to rave about.

Shop: Trevor Mitchell Jigsaw Puzzles


Partnership with TR[1]BE

One of our core values at Gibsons is sustainability, in which we ensure that we use 100% recycled puzzle boards, FSC paper and use biodegradable clear labels instead of shrink wrap, hence reducing our plastic waste. 

Alongside this, we partnered with One Tribe - a partnership which will help to save the rainforest. With every order that is placed on the Gibsons website, we will help protect five trees and 100 square meters of rainforest from destruction. That is our pledge to do more for the environment, with the help of our lovely customers, whilst providing hours of fun with our jigsaw puzzles and games.


Environmental company One Tribe banner to reduce carbon emissions.


Enjoy Summer with the ‘Wish You Were Here’ Jigsaw Puzzle Set

So if you are looking for jigsaw puzzles that bring back wonderful childhood memories, to enjoy around the summer holidays or get you in the mood for a day trip to the beach, then look no further than ‘Wish You Were Here’ 4 x 500 jigsaw puzzles.

With four jigsaw puzzles in this box set, you will be in for hours of fun - either spending it alone or enjoying a relaxing joint family activity. 


Share the Love!

We would love to see your finished jigsaw puzzles! You can tag us on social media to share your photos and videos with the Gibsons team!

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