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Spotlight On! Wanderlust with Josie Shenoy

Spotlight On! Wanderlust with Josie Shenoy
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This year we have released 11 new jigsaw puzzles in our White Logo Collection, our range of design-led jigsaw puzzles especially for adults who are looking for more contemporary designs rather than traditional puzzle scenes.

To celebrate, we’ve been talking to some our fantastic artists who designed the gorgeous illustrations. Today we are talking to the talented Josie Shenoy, the artist behind our brand-neWanderlust jigsaw.

What was the inspiration behind your new design?

I have always loved visiting new places, and have a long list of cities I’d love to explore! With the world slowly opening up again, Gibsons and I loved the idea of a puzzle depicting dreamy travel locations. I think most of us have a bit of wanderlust at the moment! I’ve always been interested in details and decoration, and was inspired by vintage maps and colourful encyclopaedias when creating the artwork, so that each time you look, you spot something new.

Can you share a little more information about your creative process while working on Wanderlust?

The illustrations for Wanderlust began life as a calendar commission. I spent a lot of time before the drawing stage, researching each city and making a long list of icons and place names I wanted to include. It’s always important to conjure up an overall feel for each location. Unfortunately I can’t do a research trip for each place (although I wish I could!) so I have lots of tabs open on my computer about each city, and books and maps to dip into for inspiration.

The original artworks began life as detailed pencil drawings which I scanned and coloured digitally. I also added textures from a huge bank of watercolour and printmaking textures that I’ve created over the years. When adapting the artwork for Wanderlust, I used Photoshop to piece together the cities, and used my digital tablet to add in floral elements and background colours so the composition flowed effortlessly from city to city.

I loved adding all the magical little details like stars and birds! I hope that the intricacy of my illustrations will make Wanderlust a fun challenge to piece together. In case you are interested, the individual city artworks are also available to buy as wall art prints on my website!

Order Wanderlust here

Wanderlust is available now on our website!

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You can follow along with Josie's story and art on her Instagram and her website.

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