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Getting Quirky with ‘Quirk! Family Card Game’

Getting Quirky with ‘Quirk! Family Card Game’
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Do you ever find yourself bored on a Saturday night with nothing to do but watch TV? 

You could change all of that! Quality time with your family can be better spent by playing the hilariously fun ‘Quirk!’. 

Quirk family card game from Gibsons


What is ‘Quirk!’?

As kooky as the name, ‘Quirk!’ is a family card game that lets your wild side and imagination come to life. This card game is very different from your traditional playing cards, in which you and your family give your best impressions of the characters featured on the cards. You can make sounds, and facial expressions, move your body and act out the character, embracing your silly side to win the game. 

Do you want to see a demonstration? We asked the team to do their best ‘Quirk!’ impressions which you can view here (just a heads up, you’re in for a treat)!

So you best prepare yourself for squawking like a parrot, giving your best Robin Williams Captain Hook impression or causing mischief as a silly monkey. There is a lot to unpack and experience with ‘Quirk!’, meaning that every game will be different. 

How do you play ‘Quirk!’? 

Children playing Quirk family card game from Gibsons

‘Quirk!’ is fairly easy and simple to play, suitable for anyone over the age of 5 years old. It contains 112 illustrated playing cards, separated into two decks and features 26 characters, so you are really in for a silly night! Suitable for 2-6 players at a time, the game roughly lasts for 15 - 60 minutes, depending on the number of players. You win the game by impersonating characters to collect “quirks”. 

So, how do you play ‘Quirk!’?

  1. Each player starts out with 3 character cards
  2. The person who decides to go first will choose a character card that they want to collect, will pick a player to ask and act like that character
  3. You can use sounds and actions to describe the character but you cannot describe the character and you cannot say their name
  4. If the player asking has one or two of the other cards, then they must hand them over
  5. When you collect a set of three characters, set them down to show other players that you have collected a “quirk”
  6. If they don’t have the characters, the players say “good quirk” and the player moves on to the next character
  7. Watch out for the mischief monster cards, as these are there to cause mischief and randomise the game
  8. The game ends when all 13 quirks of the pack are all laid out
  9. The player with the most quirks is the winner!

Watch Savannah from the Gibsons team explain exactly how ‘Quirk!’ works in our TikTok video here.

Or watch our quick ‘How to Play’ guide video here:



Why ‘Quirk!’ is Perfect for Family Game Night

With ‘Quirk!’, you have the option to have a quick family game night that is suitable for younger children, or you can turn it into hours of fun. You will never get bored as the cards provide different variations of characters to act out every time, so every game will have a different outcome and promises to provide a barrel of laughs. 

It’s also great for the older generation in your family as it mixes up the traditional family games that you play and provides them with something original, and well, quirky! 🤪

Recommended by the ‘Good Toy Guide’, this family card game is a great way to have a fun time acting out and dramatising characters. Plus, the Good Toy Guide experts said the following about ‘Quirk!’:

“We found the game great for building children’s social and communication skills as they took turns. It also allows them to develop listening skills as they are required to watch others act out the character on their card. The game has an element of strategy which is great for developing children’s logical thinking skills, as they need to think through what card they are playing”. 

Not only will it provide laughter and fun for all, but your children can also massively benefit by developing their social and communication skills, as well as broadening their creativity and imagination. 

Children have amazing imaginations, and this game helps them to bring those to life! 


About the Creator

‘Quirk!’ is created by Emma May from Emmerse Studios. Emma is an illustrator and product developer who studied her degree in BSc (hons) 3D CGI: Modelling and Animation at Bournemouth University, in pursuit to work on character modelling for games, TV and film. With a passion for character design, she created the game ‘Quirk!’, then founded Emmerse Studios in 2016 to develop more of her characters into real-life products. An established name in the toy industry as a rising star, Emma May has gone on to develop a children’s picture book story, developed a mobile app game and an independently published book ‘Emmerse Yourself’. 

We are happy to be partnered with Emma and are excited to see the designs and work that she produces in the future. 

Buy ‘Quirk! Family Card Game’ Today

Never experience a night of boredom again with the side-splitting, tummy-aching, knee-slapping funny card game ‘Quirk!’. Find the inner actor/actress within you and give your best impressions to gather character and claim your quirky title. 

You can buy ‘Quirk!’ Family Game here.


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