Our Pass the Bomb Collection

Our Pass the Bomb Collection
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Pass the Bomb

Pass the Bomb is one of our longest-standing best-selling games and has been entertaining families for over 25 years. Winner of the Daily Telegraph Game of the Year award, and also an Imagination Gaming Award, Pass the Bomb is our best-known game and we’ve sold over a million copies in the UK. But did you know we have several different versions of it?


Pass the Bomb

The good old-fashioned classic, Pass the Bomb was first introduced to our games range in (year). For about thirty nail biting minutes, players nerves are tested to the limit by the threat of the ticking bomb. In turn players must shout out a word that contains the letters on the card and pass the bomb before it ‘explodes’.

Even those who boast the largest vocabularies suddenly find their minds go completely blank as the bomb ticks away. For example, if the letters on the card are KE then the word might be ‘keep’ or ‘spike.’ Once the player has stated a word, they pass the bomb to the left to the next player. The timer on the bomb is variable and will ‘explode’ somewhere over ten seconds but less than 60 seconds. The player holding the bomb when it explodes has to keep the card for that round, and the player with the fewest cards at the end of the 13th round wins the game.

Pass the Bomb £18



Pass the Pud

Our Christmas version is equally as good as the original, except the festive pudding does a great big burp instead of exploding when the time limit is up. With the whole family stuffed with turkey and Granny snoring away in the armchair, what better way to inject some intergenerational festive fun into Christmas afternoon than a fast-paced game of Pass the Pud, a belchingly good word game – and without the calories!

Pass the Pud £20

Pass the Bomb – The Big One

Pass the Bomb the Big One was brand new for 2020, and is a bigger version of the classic game. It is super fun, fast-paced, and action-packed. Pass the Bomb – The Big One contains 5 different challenges. Rhyme Artist tests players’ rhyming abilities; Word Acrobat forces players to think of words containing all three of the letters on the cards; Category Captain challenges you to think of things that are “smaller than a mouse” or “larger than an elephant;” Puzzle Pro tests your puzzling skills; and Bounce Boss pushes your dexterity to the limit – can you bounce that little wooden ball into that tiny cup? All the while the ticking time-bomb piles on the pressure!

Suitable for groups of 2 – 8 players of 8 years and above, this game lasts about 30 minutes and is a perfect beginner or finishing game for game nights.

Pass the Bomb – The Big One £22


Pass the Bomb – The Card Game

Pass the Bomb the Card game is a travel game version. It has a similar gameplay to the classic version, but with two different sets of cards. One set has categories, and the others has letters.  You turn both over and frantically come up with words that match the criteria. For example, “types of dogs” that begin with the letter “B.” With only 10 seconds to think of an answer, this is frantic-fun at its finest!

Pass the Bomb – The Card Game £10

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  • janet: November 30, 2021

    Please advise how I can buy Pass the Bomb Junior (with picture cards) Am I able to buy from you or do you have a retailer who stocks it?
    I live in Chiswick Richmond area.
    Would be very grateful for help. It is for a very deserving child.
    Thank you

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