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Merry Mischief Advent Calendar

Merry Mischief Christmas Advent Calendar for December 2021.
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*** WARNING! This blog contains spoilers! ***


Following the incredible success of our 2020 advent calendar, we have a brand new calendar for 2021, beautifully illustrated by Jess Bretherton. This Christmas advent calendar features 22 puzzles of our favourite festive friends who are getting up to some mischief over Christmastime. Also included is a pot of glue and some ribbon to help turn the puzzles into Christmas decorations to enjoy every year!

Each completed puzzle takes a merry shape of either a Christmas tree, snowman, bauble or stocking, which will certainly get you in the Christmas spirit!

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Here are the images that feature behind each door:

December 1: Hungry octopus helping itself to Christmas dinner


Hungry Octopus Christmas Puzzle


December 2: Mischievous monkeys playing around with some baubles


Mischievous Monkeys Christmas Puzzle


December 3: Cheeky kitty opening the presents


Cheeky Kitty Christmas Puzzle


December 4: Rabbits having a snow fight


Rabbits in Snow Christmas Puzzle


December 5: Owl and mice playing around


Owl and Mice Christmas Puzzle


December 6: Festive flamingo at the beach


Festive Flamingo Christmas Puzzle


December 7: Robber raccoon stealing the presents


Robber Raccoon Christmas Puzzle


December 8: Unicorn dressing up


Unicorn Christmas Puzzle


December 9: Two dashing dachshunds dressing up for the day


Dashing Dachshunds Christmas Puzzle


December 10: Sly fox with his Christmas stocking


Sly Fox Christmas Puzzle


December 11: A bottle of puzzle glue to stick your puzzles together

December 12: Ribbon to turn your puzzles into Christmas decorations for your tree or mantle

December 13: Narwhal with a Christmas delivery


Narwhal Christmas Puzzle


December 14: Santa's reindeer on strike


Santa's Reindeer Christmas Puzzle


December 15: Sleepy sloth getting tangled in Christmas lights


Sleepy Sloth Christmas Puzzle


December 16: Christmas corgi waiting for Santa


Christmas Corgi Christmas Puzzle


December 17: Excited elephants partying under some fireworks


Excited Elephants Christmas Puzzle


December 18: Curious giraffe keen to open some presents


Curious Giraffe Christmas Puzzle


December 19: Greedy llama caught nibbling Santa’s cookies


Greedy Llama Christmas Puzzle


December 20: Friendly robins nibbling a gingerbread bird house


Friendly Robins Christmas Puzzle


December 21: Guinea pig dressed up and ready to get festive


Guinea Pig Christmas Puzzle


December 22: A party of penguins singing Christmas carols


Penguin Carol Singers Christmas Puzzle


December 23: Two merry donkeys pulling a Christmas cracker


Merry Donkeys Christmas Puzzle


December 24: Christmas kittens waiting for Santa


Christmas Kittens Christmas Puzzle


 Order Merry Mischief - in stock now!

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  • L. Gemmell: January 17, 2022

    Gave as a ‘Keepsake’ gift (display every year) for a young girl and very disappointing to have a missing piece on the puzzle for 13th of Dec….bought directly from Gibson site in UK fir Canadian delivery…here’s her grandma’s email to me..” Lovely puzzle. Unfortunately one piece was missing. Layla really was upset…she sure enjoyed doing the puzzle. Still have more to do. Hopefully this is the only missing piece.”…..second Gibson puzzle this year with a missing piece….

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