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Meet Emily - The People Behind the Puzzles

Meet Emily - The People Behind the Puzzles
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Our team at Gibsons are always working hard to bring our customers the best jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and board games. So, we thought it was high time that we introduce you to the people behind the puzzles.


Meet Emily. Here is a pic of them having a great time in a tree!

What do you do at Gibsons?

I’m the Product Development Manager at Gibsons. I spend my time thinking up new product ideas and finding ways to make them come to life.

What's your favourite Gibsons game? Are there any non-Gibsons games you love?

My favourite Gibsons game is Crystal Hall. It’s not one of our best-known games but it’s one of our go to games at home and has become a bit of a grudge match. It involves more strategy than you might think but isn’t too long and it can get seriously vindictive. I love it even though I’ve never managed to win a game in 3 years!

There is a long list of non-Gibsons games that I love, but the one that has been played a lot during lockdown is Codenames because it works so well via Zoom. I love the way it makes your mind work.

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What’s your favourite puzzle?

I’ve loved working on developing the new White Logo collection of contemporary puzzles. I think Punimals has to be my favourite though as it really tickles my sense of humour.

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How long have you worked at Gibsons?

Around 3.5 years.

Favourite Gibsons memory?

This is really tough as there genuinely are so many to choose from. Our team building days are always a lot of fun. The one we did last year was brilliant because we were split into smaller teams and had to complete as many funny little challenges as we could within a short space of time. It was perfect for my competitive side and it turns out I have a talent for catching marshmallows in my mouth! Some of the best moments though are the ones that happen out of the blue in the office when someone comes up with a fantastic story or one liner and we all get the giggles.


Tell us a fun fact!

I have eerily good hearing. It used to make me very shy and nervous as a child because loud noises are even louder, but now it’s really useful…never try and whisper secrets to anyone around me!

 What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Before I had a baby I would have said play hockey. It’s more than a sport, it’s where I see all my best friends and have the best time both on and off the pitch. I haven’t been able to play properly for a while due to injuries and childcare but I will get back to it one day and I can’t wait. For now though I am enjoying hanging out with my 2 year old, doing lots of digging and building construction sites out of Duplo.


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