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Introducing Jokesaws: Love to Laugh

Introducing Jokesaws: Love to Laugh
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One of our proudest recent additions to the Gibsons puzzle range is the brand-new collection Jokesaws: Love to Laugh. We set out to create a vibrant set of jigsaws jampacked with jokes and gags for some wildly entertaining puzzling. The result was three premium 1000-piece jigsaws that we’re confident will delight enthusiasts far and wide.

Midsummer Mayhem

We enlisted the help of talented artist Phil Dobson to help make this vision a reality. From his Brighton Studio, Phil creates high volumes of hilarious cartoon prints and designs. We knew his style would be a perfect for kicking off the Jokesaw range.

Midsummer Mayhem depicts a summer's day where chaos is afoot. An elaborate bank robbery takes place, while a murder most 'orrible has been committed! The ensuing mayhem ripples across the whole town in a bustling design reminiscent of a Where’s Wally? illustration. The murderer lurks nearby as robbers try to escape, and townspeople panic amid manifold shenanigans from butterfly-catching to an unfortunately entangled skydiving session, and a nearby cow being airlifted by a hovering helicopter.

It's perfect pandemonium – an image where a new detail appears with every glance. There’s tonnes of fun and mischief with enough complexity to make this jigsaw a satisfying, family-friendly challenge.

Country Show Chaos

The man behind our next two Jokesaw designs is Andy Tudor. We knew from the get-go Andy would be a great fit. He’s got a glittering resume, having worked for leading ad agencies as an illustrator and designer on some of the UK’s most loved brands.

Country Show Chaos depicts the calamitous Ramsbottom Country Fair, as accidents and mishaps rule the day in gloriously hectic fashion. A bull rampages at the dog show as sheep fly down the helter-skelter, as the prize-winning squash and a row of classic cars are crushed by a wayward tractor.

Many more little scenes populate this delightful design – it’s a little world you can get lost in. We love the calamitous fun found at Ramsbottom Fair, although we'd prefer to watch from afar!

Trouble in Paradise

Our final Jokesaw is Trouble in Paradise, courtesy of Andy Tudor. This time we venture to Buntie’s Holiday Camp in a family getaway gone awry with another riotous Jokesaw (mis)adventure.

The design depicts a classic holiday camp, complete with a not-so-lazy river, thrill seekers flying down Splash Mountain, a litany of activities including aerobics, archery, ping-pong and mini golf, and fairground rides providing glee to the kids, and perhaps one thrill too many for parents.

Family holidays are never smooth sailing, and we feel Andy perfectly captured the spirit of an English getaway in this puzzle which is bright, vibrant and colourful, making it highly entertaining for all ages.

And there you have it, our exciting new Jokesaws range! If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you give one of them a go. We’ll be adding new designs to the collection throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled! There’s plenty more laughter to come.

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