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Happy Share Your Care day with Care Bears

Happy Share Your Care day with Care Bears
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In our current fast-paced world where society feels the pressure of work, social media and feeling disconnected with communities. The constant routines of daily life can often make us feel distant with our loved ones.

There is something incredibly heart-warming about spreading the message of 'Share Your Care', these iconic and lovable childhood characters continue to teach us the importance of kindness, love, friendship and respect for decades. Today we celebrate this special day and it is the perfect time to celebrate the important values that the world needs now more than ever.


What is Share Your Care Day?

This annual special occasion is more than just another date on the calendar, it's an annual reminder where we as individuals should take a moment to reflect on the message that Care Bears has shared over the years, and apply them into our daily lives. 

With this years theme of #DareToCare, which invites us to step out of our comfort zones and make the extra effort to be giving and kind towards others.



The significance of Share Your Care day is a gentle nudge to us that we would take a few minutes each day to make a positive impact on the world, whether those changes be big or small.


Why embrace #DareToCare in today's society?

In a world of being dependant on technology and glued to our screens we forget the priority of switching off our phones and being with the people that matter the most to us. Here are some important values to consider this day and moving forward

1. Kindness Over Likes

In a world where likes and shares often measure worth and popularity, #DareToCare encourage us to prioritise genuine acts of kindness over online validation


2. Teaching Respect

Care Bears has taught us to respect differences and value each individual for who they are. A key message to keep in mind in a world that can sometimes appear divided.


3. Boosting Mental Health 

Encouraging small acts of kindness and being caring for others can improve ones mental health and well-being. A powerful tool for combating the struggles of isolation and depression


Spread love and kindness with our jigsaw

Share Your Care day is a wonderful opportunity to value ourselves and others, by take a break from our digital screens and being with the people important to us.

What better day than spending some quality time with your loved ones, working together and completing a 1000-piece Care Bears jigsaw puzzle? Our jigsaw encourages collaboration, patience and problem-solving, all while piecing together a beautiful image bursting with vibrant rainbows, fluffy clouds and of course childhood characters.

A fantastic activity to reinforce the message of kindness, love and respect, whether shared with the family or make a memorable gift to a friend.

Happy Puzzling!


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