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Gibsons Announce Quirk! Relaunch

Gibsons Announce Quirk! Relaunch
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Gibsons, the family owned, British jigsaw puzzle and board games company are proud to announce that they are teaming up with Emma May, founder of Emmerse Studios, to licence and develop her laugh-out-loud family card game, Quirk!

A simple card game for 2-6 players age 5+, Quirk! is a funny game of sounds, actions and a whole lot of mischief. The aim of the game is to collect the most ‘Quirks’, which are sets of three cards with matching characters. There are 26 ‘Quirks’ to collect that feature whacky and wonderful characters such as ninjas, sloths, dragons and superheroes. Players must embrace their silly side and do their best impression of a character in order to ask for it from an opponent’s hand.  

Quirk! was designed and created by independent game inventor Emma May, Creative Director and CEO of Emmerse Studios.  Launched on Kickstarter in 2017, Quirk! gained a momentous following for an indie game with over 10,000 units sold around the world in just two years.  Moreover, Quirk! was part of the Amazon top 100 best-selling travel games two years in a row and ranked Amazon’s 10th best-selling travel game in November 2019.

In Spring 2020, Gibsons will launch the ‘ultimate’ version of Quirk! The new version stays true to the original game, however, there will be exciting new characters, new packaging, double the number of cards and brand-new Mischief cards that mess up the gameplay whenever they appear.

Gibsons Product Development Manager, Emily Charles, says “We are delighted to add Quirk! to our family games offering for 2020. Quirk! is so much fun to play and fits perfectly with the Gibsons range. Working with Emma on developing the new version has been a pleasure and we can’t wait to show it to Quirk! fans old and new.”

Emma May, Creative Director and CEO of Emmerse Studios states: “Creating the new Quirk! game with Gibsons has been an enjoyable experience. There’s a real partnership here and a fair bit of our development has been spent laughing over which new characters to include. We’ve refreshed Quirk! so it feels like a brand-new game while keeping the charm of its origins. There’s a lovely blend between my character artwork and Gibsons’ graphics as well as our contributions to the gameplay itself. I’m very excited for its release this year!” 

Quirk! will be available in May 2020. Gibsons will be hosting a Quirk! launch party at UK Games Expo in August and Emma will be on the stand for the duration of the show to meet fans and play the game.


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