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Gibsons 2023 Roundup

Gibsons 2023 Roundup
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Now that January has arrived, we wanted to pause and reflect on the last 12 months. There have been highs and lows, but it’s ultimately been a fantastic year and we have much to celebrate.

It's been hard to pick out just a few key moments from the year when we have had so much to celebrate. Read a few of our highlights below!


Becoming a B-Corp

Some of the biggest news from 2023 was becoming a certified B Corp, having met B Lab’s high standards for positive social and environmental impact. We are delighted to be a part of the B Corp family, although this is just the beginning. We plan on continuing to develop more initiatives to help support people and the planet with sustainable and ethical enterprise. You can read more about B Corp certification here.

To attain this accreditation from B Lab, we’ve been busy. We launched special edition jigsaw puzzles, donating a percentage of profits to charities such as Great Ormond Street Hospital and previously Samaritans. In 2024 we'll be supporting Help for Heroes with the 'Portsmouth Flypast'. We localised manufacturing, moving production away from China to work with factories based in the EU and UK. We've installed solar panels in our office, recycled 85% of our waste, and provided first-class customer service, which is reflected in our 4.9 star Trustpilot rating.


Investors in People Gold Award 

 Earlier this year, Gibsons was awarded the prestigious IIP Gold! This globally recognised standard in people management (achieved by only 26% of organisations) recognises our commitment to fostering a great workplace culture and investing in our team's growth.

To earn this accolade, we aced a tough evaluation of our people management practices, including leadership, learning and development, and performance management. We are very proud to have been recognised for the award! You can read more about it here.


Work with Spotlight UK

In 2023 we've had the privilege of working with the fantastic charity Spotlight UK. They are committed to helping children reach their full potential, and have a wide variety of initiatives including young carers support, dance classes, a youth ambassador programme, family days out, and much more.

In order to support this organisation, we hosted a gaming event at Dice Tower Gaming café where young participants were able to play our games and take home a gift at the end. Further games and puzzles were donated to their Christmas gift appeal.


Board Game Awards

Our 1000-piece Care Bears jigsaw achieved 1st in BlogOn Awards' puzzle category! Known for quality family recommendations, we were delighted that BlogOn spotlighted us. We also attained the Imagination Gaming Seal of Approval for several games, recognised for their potential for both education and entertainment!

Winners include Fast Track, Quirk!, Honeycombs, and Mind the Gap - which also got nominated for Best Family Game!


New Releases & Best Sellers


We look back with pride on the triumphant launch of Kingmaker: The Royal Re-launch. We successfully reimagined this strategy classic with new gameplay modes and added layers of strategy and tactical depth, making the quest for the crown even more exciting. 'Kingmaker Classic' also allowed us to honour the game's origins and Andrew McNeil's visionary creation.

The enthusiasm from our Kickstarter campaign, where we reached our goal in under 22 hours, set the tone for a fantastic year full of strategic manipulation and royal intrigue. 


Fast Track

Fast Track, our 2023 addition to the TfL range, quickly became a fan favourite. This fast-paced, family-friendly game requires players to swiftly match British icons, creating a thrilling contest of quick reflexes. Its popularity stems from its engaging gameplay, which combines speed, strategy, and a celebration of British culture.



With over 80 new jigsaws from world-class artists launched on our website this year, it's been a fantastic year for puzzling at Gibsons. Highlights included the nostalgic School Days 4x500-piece puzzles by Trevor Mitchell; Bright Lights and Big Cities, a 1000-piece bestseller by Val Goldfinch; and Through the Seasons, a year-round favourite in both 1000 and 500 XL by Janice Daughters.

We also introduced our Coronation of a King puzzle to honour the ascension of King Charles. This title was our bestselling puzzle of the year! Closely followed by our limited edition Christmas Spirit puzzle, which features artwork from Marcello Corti.

Our lineup also featured the serene Lighthouse Island by Dominic Davison, Janice Daughters' stunning Verity's Vintage Shop in both 1000 and 2000 pieces, and London Gallery by Josie Shenoy - perfect for a digital detox. We also introduced A Collective of Creatures, a playful 1000-piece puzzle by Snowtap, and Jungle Dream, a vibrant 1000-piece puzzle by Catalina Estrada.

Paddington and Care Bears were standout hits in our family-friendly lineup. Paddington charmed puzzlers while Care Bears not only captivated fans but also earned an award. Both titles have become beloved additions to our collection.


Looking to 2024

We're excited to start 2024 with our Jokesaws range, featuring busy and dynamic puzzles by artists like Andy Tudor and Phil Dobson. These vibrant and bustling 1000 piece puzzles are filled with hidden jokes and gags that will have puzzlers of all ages chuckling away.

Our iconic puzzle packaging has been refreshed based on customer input, we hope you'll love it as much as we do! You can check out our 2024 catalogue to see everything that's new!


That’s our year in a nutshell. There’s been so much more that we didn’t have time to mention here. But we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved. Thanks for being with us for the journey!


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