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Every Piece Of You - Interview with Atul

Every Piece Of You - Interview with Atul
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Every Piece of You is unique and important! Katie Abey has created this motivational 1000 piece puzzle, reminding us to celebrate the weird and wonderful pieces of ourselves in her usual fun and colourful style. The illustrations in this puzzle represent real people and their stories.

To celebrate Pride Month, we are promoting of Katie Abey's 'Every Piece Of You' puzzle. We interviewed some of the characters who were happy to share their input about their character and relationship with Katie.

Q1. Hi! Congratulations on being part of our jigsaw puzzle, Every Piece Of You! This 1000 piece puzzle is filled with magical and diverse human beings, including you! Can You describe the character that Katie has created for you?

Katie has produced a visual art image of me, and it look exactly like me! I love it.


Q2. How do you know Katie, and how did you end up in our jigsaw puzzle?

I have worked with Katie, and with her wonderful illustrations we have made them into dungarees, dresses and jumpsuits. The garments are inclusive and for all sizes.


Q3. Please can you share which 'Sparkly and Weird' parts of yourself you used to hold back?

Due to illness, I used to hold back socially due to my severely impaired speech, which sometimes made communication difficult, and i became distant & withdrawn. I found it difficult to interact with people. I used to avoid to going out socially to restaurants due to Dysphagia (swallowing problems)


Q4. How did you learn to embrace them?

I learnt that this is the new me, that those that were really interested, would make me feel comfortable in the way that i was, and were patient with me. I felt that the best way to deal with things is to keep positive and challenges that i had, were only hurdles and I would get past these hurdles.


Q5. We are hugely proud of this puzzle and think the message is so important. Do you have any advice for people who are struggling to celebrate every part of themselves?

I feel we are all perfect in our own way, we are unique, we may be different but we are ourselves.

Q6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you to everyone for having me in this awesome puzzle


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