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Connecting London - Latest Board Game In Our TFL Collection

Connecting London - Latest Board Game In Our TFL Collection
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As normality returns, we can finally enjoy travelling again (even the commute!) and in the spirit of this positive change, we are excited to shout about the release of our newest TFL game Connecting London. In 2020, we expanded our license with Transport for London and we now have six jigsaw puzzles and three games, one of which is a best-seller in many major U.K retailers! All the games in our Transport for London collection are great for everyone, from growing minds to those who are in need of a digital detox.


Connecting London

Ready, get set, go! Connecting London is our brand-new strategy game, where 2-6 players build the iconic Zone 1 London Underground Map and work to be the first to complete their underground sign, all while dodging surprises along the way. While collecting map tiles, you will need to make connections between London mainline stations and famous landmarks. Can you stay on track to win, or will you be derailed by another passenger? Test your skills in this fast-paced board game as you make the most connections and become the King or Queen of the underground! Our newest edition to the collection, this is a great game for teens and adults.

 gameplay of gibsons new TFL connecting london strategy game


Race The Rails

For a younger audience, Race the Rails has been certified by the Good Play Guide and is great for encouraging observation skills and reaction times as players compete to find the correct stations along their route. This speedy, simultaneous and sometimes silly family game celebrates the iconic London Underground and is perfect for ages 8 and up. Search for your stations on the route cards, once located you need to write the stations and times on your answer sheets. There are milestones to give each player a challenge and the first player who reaches home with the most money, wins! Allowing for up to 2-8 players, this game is sure to keep everyone on their toes.


Mind The Gap

If you’re looking for a game as equally exciting for all ages, step on board for a trip around London’s famous underground with this quick-play family card game, Mind the Gap. Simple but engaging, this game is just the ticket for young travellers and old timers alike; it’s a more than adequate way of whiling away a few enjoyable hours. The aim of the game is to avoid delays and be the first to get rid of your cards – but above all, make sure you MIND THE GAP! Featuring well known tube stations and currently a best-seller with retail giants such as WH Smith and John Lewis, Mind the Gap is easy to play and a great educational tool.


We have lovingly created a guide on how to play each of these games, to help you in case you get stuck! View the full Transport for London range here.


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