What Matters to Us - The Gibsons Green Game Plan

What Matters to Us - The Gibsons Green Game Plan
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The Gibsons Green Game Plan

We have been very busy at Gibsons HQ investigating how we can improve our environmental footprint.  In 2019 we set up our very own in-house ‘Green Gang’  with a mission to improve our sustainability across the business.  So far, we have made some big changes and we would like to update you on our work to date.  

The Perfect Puzzle Project

One of our main goals is to reduce single use plastic and we are delighted to report that great progress has been made. We have removed the shrink wrap plastic from the outside of all of our jigsaw puzzles, which are now secured with bio-degradable sealsThis saves over 520,000m of plastic per year (the same as the length of 4300 football pitches!)In addition, all of our puzzle boxes are smaller (a whole 29% smaller on average) and this means that we need less room to transport our products, reducing our carbon footprint.  

We use vegetable-based inks on our puzzle boxes and the board is made from the thickest, recycled board available on the market.  

Watch our Youtube video about our Planet-Friendly Puzzles here


Forest-Friendly Games

In 2020, we launched two children’s card games, The Card Game for Rebel Girls and Quirk! that are both made in the UK to help reduce our carbon emissions. Additionally, both boxes are secured with sturdy biodegradable clear tabs, to ensure there is absolutely no plastic waste.

This year, we are rolling out our new packaging design for our wooden games which will give a fresh lift to this range. OurTravel Folding Cribbage and Solitaire are the first to have a makeover and now come in contemporary and colourful boxes that will look great on any games display. The games in this collection are made from the finest quality reforested hardwood, which means that for every tree cut down, another is planted. These products are also completely plastic free.  


Changes at Gibsons HQ

Going greener also means making small changes within our office too and below are some changes we have made so far. 

  • Installing solar panels on our office roof.
  • Switching plastic bottles of milk to glass ones. 
  • Switching to bars of soap rather than plastic bottles. 
  • Recycling a whopping 78% of our office waste in September thanks to working with First Mile 
  • The 22% of waste that is not recycled is transported to an Energy from Waste facility where it's safely incinerated. The process generates electricity and heat that powers homes in the UK, and by-products residues are used in the construction industry. 
  • Sourcing our energy from Bulb who provide us with 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro.
  • Installing LED energy saving lightbulbs in our office. 
  • Encouraging the team to walk or cycle to work rather than driving. 


The Future

Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing priority for our business and we recognise there is still much to do.  We understand the significance of our supply chain and are committed to working with suppliers who support us in our mission.  We are reviewing the different practices in our production line; even small changes can make a big difference.  

The next step is to source a replacement for the bag that holds the puzzle pieces inside the box - which will make our puzzles 100% recyclable. This might be a compostable or paper bag, and we will be sure to report back as we hit on the best solution. Currently, the plastic bag can be recycled by some councils, so it is worth enquiring as to whether you can recycle flexible plastic in your local area.  

 We are committed to searching for new ways to can work whilst reducing our impact on the world and will keep you posted on any future developments.  

 How to Dispose of your Puzzle Responsibly:




  • Sylvia Perkins: November 30, 2021

    Very impressed by your green plan. Particularly like the smaller boxes as they also make home storage easier! Any plans for a shallower box next?

  • Darlene Lathall: February 05, 2021

    Cant understand why you are changing the bag as I still keep it to put the jigsaw back in seems a waste of time and effort

  • Terence Fryer: February 05, 2021

    VERY impressed with your green efforts,well done.
    I note that other manufacturers e .g. Otter house (wash my mouth out) are already using paper bags for their pieces.During lock downs have completed a number of your puzzles and I love them. Thanks. 😷

  • Sandi Gymer: February 05, 2021

    Well done Gibsons, keep up the good work! You faced some difficulties last year but you overcame them and are now back to your efficient selves. So excited about the new jigsaws too.

  • Anne Jater: February 05, 2021

    Sometime ago I got a voucher for a replacement puzzle as the one I got had a missing part
    I’ve not had success with it

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