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Our Family Board Games

Our Family Board Games
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Board games are great fun. Who doesn’t love cracking open a game, setting it up and spending an evening around the table with friends and family? They’re entertaining, competitive, and great for strengthening relationships with the people around us. An added bonus is that when you purchase a board game, you know that you’re spending your hard-earned cash on something that will generate hours and hours of fun, and it’s something that you can reuse over and over again.  

Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas and searching for that last-minute perfect gift? We’ve collated a list of some of our favourite board-games, perfect for everyone! 


221b Baker Street 

221B Baker Street is the London address of the world's most celebrated fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. In this detective game, you start at 221B and travel through the streets and alleys of London picking up clues and attempting to solve the most intriguing cases Holmes and Watson have ever faced. The first person to figure out the answers to the case, solve the clues and return to 221b to announce the solution is the winner.  

221b Baker Street £24 

Watch our video on how to play, here


Hare & Tortoise 

This game is a cunningly designed race to the finish in which your fuel (carrots) must practically run out (all but 10 carrots or fewer) at the moment you hit the finish line. You also have three lettuce cards you must spend during the course of the race. The farther you move, the more carrots you spend, and there are a variety of ways to gain or lose carrots as you go around the track. It's a very clever exercise in arithmetic which we have fashioned into an entertaining and competitive family game! 

Hare & Tortoise £20 

Watch our video on how to play, here




Inspired by the magic of the 1980-81 FA Cup, Wembley takes you back to the 100th anniversary of the world’s oldest football competition, when Tottenham Hotspur defeated Manchester City in the first Wembley replayGameplay starts at the crucial third round, when only 32 teams are left in the competition. Once the team cards have been drawn, it’s down to you to manage your teams to the top. 



A strategic board game for two people, L'Attaque was the first of The Big Four military based games for Gibsons and to celebrate our 100th birthday in 2019, we relaunched this special centenary edition! L'Attaque is played on a 9x10 square board with 36 soldiers in each army, which represents the French and the English. Players must strategically move their pieces to attack on alternate moves with the aim of capturing their opponent's Flag. 

L'Attaque £20 

Watch our video on how to play, here


Pass The Bomb – The Big One 

Pass the Bomb the Big One was brand new for 2020, and is a bigger version of the classic game. It is super fun, fast-paced, and action-packed. Pass the Bomb – The Big One contains 5 different challenges. Rhyme Artist tests players’ rhyming abilities; Word Acrobat forces players to think of words containing all three of the letters on the cards; Category Captain challenges you to think of things that are “smaller than a mouse” or “larger than an elephant;” Puzzle Pro tests your puzzling skills; and Bounce Boss pushes your dexterity to the limit – can you bounce that little wooden ball into that tiny cup? All the while the ticking time-bomb piles on the pressure! 

Pass the Bomb – The Big One £22 

Watch our video on how to play here 



Civilization is the epic game that urges players to lead their nation to become the most powerful and advanced civilisation on the board! Originally published in 1980, Civilization is a board game that pits players against each other in their quest to lead a nation to the pinnacle of development. Populate territories and evolve your nation by acquiring civilisation cards, collecting commodities and avoiding the effects of calamities. 

Civilisation £35 

Watch our video on how to play here



The truly classic game of skill for today’s sophisticated games players. The award-winning game of political intrigue and military power in Imperial Europe, Diplomacy is the ultimate strategy game of pure skill. No dice and no luck – double dealing, deception and danger dogs every move. With its incredibly simplistic movement mechanics fused to a significant negotiation element, this system is highly respected by many a gamer. 

Diplomacy £22 


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