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Why Puzzles & Games are Good for the Mind

Why Puzzles & Games are Good for the Mind
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 A study led by Exeter University and King’s College, London revealed that frequently enjoying jigsaw puzzles is likely to lead to better brain function in senior years. With research also revealing the considerable mental health benefits that come with jigsaw puzzles, we want to encourage people of all ages to make time for old-fashioned pastimes instead of just technology-based entertainment.

Jigsaw puzzles can play an important role in easing anxiety

Anxiety can have a huge impact on our daily lives, so finding natural ways of keeping anxiety at bay is extremely important; and jigsaw puzzles can do just that. The process of tackling a puzzle allows us to relax and focus, as our brain goes from a beta state to an alpha state. This means a state of wakefulness to relaxation respectively, lowering our stress levels and making us feel more cheerful as a result.

Another notable aspect of jigsaw puzzles that should not be overestimated is the fact that - along with being something you can do alone - they can be completed with a group. Given the stress-relieving impact of puzzles, and the calm atmosphere that they bring about in the process, the activity can be a great way of bonding with others and unwinding together. Solving puzzles with others encourages good teamwork and communication skills too and it goes without saying that these are important traits for people to practice at all stages of life.

Puzzles can be enjoyed outside

The fact that jigsaw puzzles can be enjoyed wherever you are is a big plus. The reason for this is the opportunity to spend time ‘puzzling’ outside. The great outdoors are not only the best source of vitamin D, which is vital for bone health, but being outside also boosts morale while also making you feel less anxious and more relaxed. In this way, the mobility of jigsaw puzzles can play a subconscious but important part in looking after people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Reasons aplenty to get puzzling

It's a well-known fact that puzzles are now cool, with bands like Metronomy adding jigsaws to their merch offering and Gibsons puzzles featuring on Channel 4's The Circle...even popstar Anne-Marie is a self-professed puzzle addict! In today’s technology-driven world, the rise of the simple jigsaw puzzle is arguably a very welcome development.

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Thank you to Karoline Gore for providing us with this article.

If you are struggling with your mental health, please do seek further help. Here are some helpful resources:





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