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UK Games Expo 2023

UK Games Expo 2023
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How time has indeed flown by. We are already in the middle of June and prepping our upcoming releases for summer. Can't believe that UK Games Expo was 2 weeks ago. We are excited to share our highlights of our 3 day event and what we were up to during our time in Birmingham at the National Exhibition Center.

Set Up Day - Thursday June 1st

Of course we need to have a full day at the Exhibition center setting up our allocated stand. We were located in Hall one surrounded by many other card and board game companies. Setting up our station was hard work but a success, with our Gibsons logo and Kingmaker posters laid out on our wall, shelves beautifully decorated with our featured Kingmaker board game, and 5 tables laid out from 2 players to 5 players. Finally, we made sure that for every purchase of Kingmaker, they would get a free tote bag to help carry the weight.

Additionally, we had branded Kingmaker t-shirts to which we had many customers ask if we were selling them. (great tip for future exhibitions)

Setting up each table took around 40 minutes do to separating and allocating the right cards into each deck; from Kingmaker II to Extended and Classic. However setting up each table was a benefit in the process of learning the placement of cards and counters.

Day One - Friday June 2nd

The first official day of UK Games Expo and we were off to a great start. With all five tables full of players being assisted by 3 Gibsons colleagues, we are thankful to have the help of Alan Paul who assisted us in demo plays. We had many successes during the morning section before our teammates lunch break.

At the end of the first day we told a lot of copies of the board game, as well as have some visitors who spoke their stories on how they used to play the Classic Kingmaker version, and also supported our Kickstarter campaign.


Day Two - Saturday June 3rd

First day of the weekend and it was busier than Friday. We had a lot of customers and supporters visit our stand, and we also had more teammates to support the chaotic scene.

And we are not stopping there, the chaos did not just occur inside the National Exhibition Center Halls, we had events happening outside.

Battles roared through the fields of the expo, with many dedicated people dressing up as Knights and having battle with swords and shield in the fields outside.

Tents were set up around the showroom with more people dressed up in 18th century clothing. It was a beautiful sunny day for sword fights to occur and it was fun to see cheering crowds and adoring fans.

The scene kind of reminded us of our Spring 2023 release 'The Joust At Warwick' by Mat Edwards. Can see where he got his inspiration from indeed.

We even had many dedicated players dress up as their favourite characters. Not even the boiling hot weather or the stuffiness of the exhibition halls could stop them from dressing head-to-toe in costume.

Day Three - Sunday June 4th

Finally the homestretch of the last day and still pushing through with successful purchases of our Kingmaker. 

At the end of the day we sold a total of over 50 units of Kingmaker across the three days of Games Expo. It was lovely to interact with customers who stopped by for the gameplay demo or to talk about their stories on playing the Classic  version and supporting us on Kickstarter.

It was a lovely experience and we left with many future ideas for our next showcasing events.

A big thank you to all who came to visit us in Birmingham and we hope you all enjoyed you time.


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