The Rumours Are True! Kingmaker Is Coming Back!

The Rumours Are True! Kingmaker Is Coming Back!
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This year after much anticipation, Gibsons, the family-owned jigsaw puzzle and board game company, are relaunching their tabletop strategy game, Kingmaker.

First launched in 1974, Kingmaker simulates the War of the Roses, the period of sporadic Civil War in England between 1450 and 1490. Invented by the late Andrew Macneil, the game is based on the premise that the powerful Noble families used the Lancastrian and Yorkist princes as pawns in a greater game of gaining control of England. Players control ‘factions’ using their military and political power to control and influence the royal heirs, supporting the heir in their control as king while trying to take down all of the other heirs. It’s a game of manipulation, deception and unforeseeable incidents – making each game unpredictable and a lot of fun.

Although this game has been enjoyed by many for decades, the original game has some shortcomings and fans have requested a new and improved version. After taking everything on board, Gibsons are delighted to report that a brand-new version of Kingmaker will arrive in Autumn 2022.

Marketing Manager, Samantha Goodburn says “We are beyond excited to relaunch this epic game, especially as it has retained its popularity over the last 45 years. Fans have asked us countless times for a redesign, so our aim is improve upon the original version and streamline the gameplay of this much-loved classic.”

Gibsons are working with Kingmaker expert, Alan Paull, from Surprised Stare Games to help develop the game. The main change is that Kingmaker II will have four games in one. The board will be double-sided so that players can still play the original game should they wish to. There will also be an extended version of the classic game and a revised version which is shorter. All versions have physical changes to improve playability. For example, there will be new coloured counters and a board with updated symbols for better visibility.

If you are interested in stocking Kingmaker or are already an epic fan of the game, stay tuned for updates by signing up to their Kingmaker mailing list here.

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  • Sam: June 01, 2022

    I would be very happy for the game to have miniatures, Also I like the artwork from the first photo on the page with the knight holding aloft a crown!.

  • Stephen A. Blair: May 09, 2022

    I was able to answer my previous questions. Thank you for your patience.

    Regarding Kingmaker, I hope that one of the improvements is that all game cards are printed on high quality playing card stock. Also I hope that all game cards are standard playing card size as well. Would be willing to pay an extra £15 for this improvement.

  • Stephen A. Blair : May 09, 2022

    Please. Will this new version be available in the United States of America? If not, May one order direct from you for shipment to a United States of America postal address?

    My 1974 copy is getting a bit long of tooth.

  • michael teasdill: April 12, 2022

    Well it is about time –
    I remember the original but cannot find it in my storage
    Let me know when avail again
    Hope not changed much as was perfect as was!
    Today is 2022APR09SAT

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