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Test your wits with ‘Out of Order’ Trivia Quiz Game

The Out of Order trivia card game box on a table surrounded by people playing.
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Who doesn’t love some friendly competition between family and friends? 👀

Get ready to test your knowledge whilst having a barrel of laughs with loved ones playing the amazing trivia quiz game: ‘Out of Order’.


The 'Out of Order' trivia game with a blurred box.

What is ‘Out of Order’?

Well, this trivia party game is basically just as crazy as the name and does what is says on the tin (theoretically). ‘Out of Order’ is a card game that is designed to be, well out of order, making it quite unique from your traditional playing cards

We wanted to re-invent traditional trivia card games. You answer these quirky questions to score points, the same as any trivia game, but here’s the twist: you give the answer to the question before!

This makes for some hilarious trivia answers that seem bonkers, but it’s time to embrace the silly side. 


Components and inside of the box to the 'Out of Order' trivia game.


Do you want to see a demonstration? We asked the team at Gibsons to show us how it’s done and answer one of the cards from the ‘Out of Order’ set. 

Watch our ‘Out of Order’ TikTok demonstration here.

Sounds confusing, right? You’re not wrong: it is at first, but it’s amazingly fun to try and test your brain to answer the previous question and remember the current one for the next round, whilst your friends or family sit and watch in thorough enjoyment. 

Buy: ‘Out of Order’ trivia card game here - £17.00


How do you play ‘Out of Order’? 

‘Out of Order’ is easy and simple to play (aside from the obvious trivia and memory test 😉). This trivia card game is suitable to be played with two to six players at a time, perfect for people aged 14 and above. It contains over 100 quirky question cards, in which each game lasts around 10-15 minutes, easily available to play anywhere. The player who answers the most questions correctly, scores the highest points and therefore is the winner!


A person grabbing a card from the deck of cards in the 'Out of Order' trivia game.


Here is a rundown of how to play ‘Out of Order’ step-by-step:

  1. The reader takes a card from the pack. They read the card from top to bottom to the players around the table.
  2. The answer to the first question is always ‘Out of Order’.
  3. The answer to the second question is actually the answer to the first question.
  4. The reader continues to ask the questions until they reach the bottom of the card, until they reach the bonus round.
  5. The bonus answer is the answer to the final question asked. 
  6. Depending on the number of questions the player answers correctly, they will progress around the board to the same number of points. Each correctly answered question is worth one point.
  7. The first person to make their way around the board, from ‘Start’ to ‘Finish’, wins.
  8. Players only have three seconds to answer the question. If they don’t get it within the three seconds allotted, then it goes to the next player.
  9. The bonus question can be answered by anyone in the group playing. The person who answers the bonus question correctly will keep the card the questions were asked from.
  10. In the case of a tie-breaker at the end of the game, the player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Watch as we explain exactly how ‘Out of Order’ works in our TikTok video here.

Or watch our quick ‘Introduction to Out of Order’ video on our YouTube channel:

Why ‘Out of Order’ is Perfect for a Family Game Night

‘Out of Order’ is amazing for after-dinner parties, the beginning of a game night and, of course, it is a great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinking game for people that are of legal drinking age! 

It is the perfect card game to test your knowledge, whilst providing you with the fun to make your evening even more exciting. And of course, you can add in your own rules to the game if you want, like setting a time limit for every single round, which can make it even more fun when playing against a trivia whiz! So for example, you only have 30 seconds to answer all of the questions.

This cheeky, fast-paced trivia game will put you to the test, producing a whole host of amusing tongue-in-cheek results.

Buy: ‘Out of Order’ trivia card game here - £17.00

About the Creator

This trivia game is the first-ever party game to be created by yours truly: Gibsons! We created this in collaboration with Board Game Club founder Lesley Singleton, plus creative consultant Deej Johnson and Billy Langsworthy of Mojo Nation to create the perfect after dinner party game. 


A group of people playing the card game 'Out of Order' at a dinner table with drinks.


Samantha Goodburn, the Marketing Manager at Gibsons, said the following in September 2021 in an interview with Toy World Mag:

“Developing a party game was lots of fun. We had been looking for a new after-dinner game concept for a while and when ‘Out of Order’ was pitched to us, we knew it was perfect. What makes this game brilliant is the word-play - because the players have to provide the ‘wrong’ answer, the results are hilarious.”

Gibsons have been building a community of people who love to play games since 1919. Their current focus is their Green Game Plan, to minimise their environmental impact. Out of Order  is a perfect example of this strategy, as it is made right here in the UK from 100% recycled board. It is a completely plastic-free game that can be enjoyed again and again.

Buy ‘Out of Order Trivia Party Game’ Today

We can guarantee that with this trivia game, you will be in for a barrel of laughs. This cheeky quiz will make for a perfect card game to have in your arsenal, or as a terrific birthday gift or Christmas gift this year!

Buy: ‘Out of Order’ trivia card game here - £17.00


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