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Sustainable and fun gift ideas for Christmas

Sustainable and fun gift ideas for Christmas
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Shopping for gifts at Christmas can be a stressful time… You have the people who have everything, the people who say they don’t want anything, the people who never know what they want and the people who you buy the same kind of gift year in and year out. We understand that shopping for unique and fun gifts that express your love for your family and friends can be difficult. Plus, we are all trying to do more good for the planet, so our shopping habits and purchases reflect this. 

That’s why this year, to lower your stress, we have searched far and wide to find the perfect sustainable Christmas gifts you can buy for your loved ones this Christmas. We guarantee you will find something new and unique in our guide, with lots of fun gift ideas to choose from!

Autumn Leaves Candle from Vegan Bunny

Candles are great for filling the room with a lovely aroma, recalling a special memory or providing a lovely and cosy environment in your home. The Autumn Leaves Candle from Vegan Bunny features scents of sweet orange, vetiver and cinnamon oils, making it the perfect candle for the cozy season.  

Vegan Bunny are a vegan, plastic-free and carbon-neutral company based in the UK creating natural and sustainable products. Their candles are made from all-natural ingredients, including natural waxes and pure essential oils free from toxic artificial fragrances, zinc and pesticides.  

Shop: Autumn Leaves Candle: Vetiver + Cinnamon + Orange - £10.90 (down from £20.00)

Viri Hanging Planter from Nkuku

This beautiful hanging plant holder is perfect for any green thumbs. These see-through and eye-catching hangers are made from recycled glass and are perfect for succulents, cacti, herbs and other indoor plants. 

Nkuku creates handmade home and lifestyle products, working with artisans worldwide for a unique and distinctive style, helping their customers to have an ethical and eco-friendly home. 

Shop: Viri Handing Planter - £12.00 (down from £15.00)

Upcycled Wine Bottle Heart Charm from Uncommon Goods

A wind charm is a perfect addition to any garden, free-flowing like the window and creating beautiful music for everyone to enjoy. Each upcycled wine bottle heart charm is handmade, cut open at the base of the bottle and elegantly finished with copper tape. The steel chain holds a wooden ball chime which melodically strikes the glass whenever the heart pendulum catches the wind. This fun gift idea is ideal for people who love gardening and the outdoors, especially sitting in their garden during the hot summer months. 

Shop: Upcycled Wine Bottle Heart Charm - £30.00

Make Your Own Lip Balm DIY Kit from Acala

Who doesn’t love to get creative? With the Make Your Own Lip Balm DIY Kit from Acala, your loved ones can create and enjoy three natural lip balms in three different fragrances: peppermint, citrus or unscented. The ingredients include shea butter, almond oil and essential oils for fragrancing. 

Acala is passionate about zero-waste living and reducing plastic pollution in our oceans, creating beauty and skincare products to accommodate a sustainable lifestyle.

Shop: Make Your Own Lip Balm DIY Kit - £19.99

Mulled Wine and Cider Spice Kit from The Teaspoon Club (on Wearth) 

This Mulled Wine and Cider Spice Kit is ideal for the festive season but can last up to a year for your loved one! It is great for teaching someone a new skill of mulling your own wine or cider at home. It is a vegan-friendly recipe, providing enough for two bottles of wine or 2 litres of cider, making it a unique, sustainable Christmas present for a loved one this year!

The Teaspoon Club are a UK-based company passionate about being waste-free and inspiring people to make amazing recipes using fresh herbs and spices, in which their packaging is home-compostable or recyclable. 

Shop: Mulled Wine and Cider Spice Kit - £3.70

Black WAKEbag Backpack from WAKEcup

A favourite for sustainable living, the WAKEbag backpack is 100% vegan, made from poly paper fibres spun and bonded together to create the look of paper, but the durability and thickness of leather. We know what you are thinking, wouldn’t any drop of water ruin the bag? Well, that’s where this bag is special! It is practical, waterproof and even washable! It is the perfect size for tablets, laptops, water bottles, coffee cups and your lunch for the day. 

WAKEcup is a zero waste reusables brand on a mission to end single-use plastic pollution, based in the UK and selling globally. 

Shop: Black WAKEbag Backpack - £40.00

Glass Water Bottle from Neon Kactus

This eco-friendly, plastic-free Glass Water Bottle from Neon Kactus is a fantastic zero-waste, sustainable gift this Christmas. It’s a great alternative to disposable plastic bottles, with a stylish olive green sleeve and bamboo lid. This Glass Water Bottle is ideal for people who are always on the go, campers and people who love the outdoors. 

Shop: Glass Water Bottle - £20.99

Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzles

Of course, we will toot our own horns since our jigsaw puzzle range is another great sustainable Christmas gift. Our jigsaw puzzles are planet-friendly and made from 100% recycled board. We use vegetable-based inks, reduced the size of our boxes by 29% and removed the shrink-wrap plastic that secures our boxes together.  

We have an amazing range of jigsaw puzzles, from our Christmas Advent Calendar to our Book Club: Gothic Novels to our Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzle. Get to shopping with our full jigsaw puzzle range. 

Shop: Gibsons Jigsaw Puzzles

Find your perfect sustainable Christmas presents

The most important thing to remember in the lead-up to Christmas is to shop with love: find a gift for your loved ones that will be useful, personal or simply express how you feel about them. Giving a sustainable Christmas gift this year shows your love for your family, friends, and the planet. But most importantly, you are showing how much you care, taking the time to find the perfect gift for that special someone. 

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