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Our Transport for London Collection

Our Transport for London Collection
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Following overwhelming success with our best-selling game Mind the Gap, we expanded our license with Transport for London, to bring you six jigsaw puzzles and two brand-new games!

Julie Dixon, Head of Customer Information Design & Partnerships at Transport for London, said “London’s transport network is recognised the world over and has been a symbol of the city for more than 150 years. We are excited to be continuing our relationship with Gibsons and develop new products with them to delight people young and old, while also generating vital funds for wider transport improvements across London.” 

This year we have a range of products that would suit any puzzle or transport devotee this Christmas.  

View the full TFL range here 


Race the Rails

Our brand-new game in collaboration with Transport for London, Race the Rails is a speedy, simultaneous and sometimes silly family game that celebrates the iconic London Underground and is perfect for ages 8 and up. 

A family game for 2-8 players, Race the Rails keeps everyone on their toes. Each player begins with a ‘Starting Station/Assistance Required’ card and after the youngest player announces ‘GO!’, everyone must search for their station on one of the Route cards that are laid out in front of all the players. Once they have located their station, players must note down the name of the station and the time on their answer sheets and look for the next station. Play continues until someone hits a Milestone. Milestones shake up the game and require players to complete a challenge, pay their way out of trouble or earn money on their journey. The winner is the player who reaches home with the most money in their pocket! 

Race the Rails has been certified by the Good Play Guide and is great for encouraging observation skills and reaction times as players compete to find the correct stations along their route. 

Race the Rails £15 

Mind the Gap 

Mind the Gap the card game, first launched in 2017, is a best-seller with retail giants such as WH Smith, Amazon, John Lewis and Waterstones. 

Step on board for a trip around London’s famous Underground, with this quick-play card game featuring well known stations from the tube. Simple but engaging, this game is just the ticket for young travellers and old timers alike; it’s a more than adequate way of whiling away a few enjoyable hours. 

Each player is dealt 8 cards and must match a coloured line from the previous card to play. Your opponents will try to slow you down with a stash of special cards that could hinder your journey, whilst your cards can be used against other passengers to slow them down or trip them up. The aim of the game is to avoid delays and be the first to get rid of your cards – but above all, make sure you MIND THE GAP!  

Mind the Gap £12


TFL Underground Tube Map Jigsaw Puzzle 

These puzzles feature the iconic modern-day London Underground tube map, which was first designed in 1931 by Henry C Beck and based on circuit diagrams he drew for his day job as an engineer. The sprawling transport system has 270 stations and is made from 250 miles (400 km) of track. 

Our Tube Map puzzles come in a range of different piece counts, making it perfect no matter what size  your puzzle board is. You can get in in 1000pc, 500pc, 250pc or 150pc. The smaller piece counts are packaged in an innovative cardboard tube, making them excellent stocking fillers! 

TFL Underground Map1000pc £14 

TFL Underground Map 500pc £10.50 

TFL Underground Map 250pc £8 

TFL Underground Map 150pc £6.50 



TFL Heritage Posters Jigsaw Puzzle 

Transport for London's poster collection covers over 100 years of graphic art and contains some of the best examples of posters as an art form anywhere in the world. These 1000pc and 500pc puzzles celebrate some of the most iconic and memorable posters from the collection, spanning a range of subjects, from the transport system itself to famous London attractions.  

TFL Heritage Posters 1000pc £14 

TFL Heritage Posters 500pc £10.50 



Connecting London 

Ready, get set, go! Connecting London is the brand-new TfL game where players are given five tokens to build a train line sign.

To win, you must be the first player to complete your train line sign. Collect map tiles to make connections between London mainline stations and famous landmarks. Be the first to complete as many journeys as possible, placing down the most connecting map tiles and using your lowest scoring token to win!

Perfect for 2-6 players aged 8+ this game is set to be released in 2021 so keep an eye on the website and make sure you’re signed up to the Gibsons mailing list as a newsletter will sent out with more information closer to release date.  


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