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New Release: Gibsons Jigsaw Advent Calendar 2022

Front of Christmas Adventure jigsaw puzzle advent calendar with baubles around it.
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For the fifth year in a row, we are excited to announce the official release of the Gibsons jigsaw advent calendar 2022, beautifully illustrated by the talented Claire McElfatrick. Following the success of our previous Christmas puzzle advent calendars, the winner of the Gift of the Year 2021 and featured on ITV’s This Morning in 2020, we have revamped our puzzle advent calendar once again, featuring more puzzles for a mini challenge!

Christmas Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar - £35.00

Gibsons jigsaw puzzle advent calendar on a table next to Christmas ornaments.


The Christmas Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar features 24 festive puzzles in 6 different festive shapes and sizes, a unique stocking filler to get you excited leading up to Christmas. 

This is the perfect festive gift for anyone aged 8+, from grandchildren to grandparents as well as parents and older children who love puzzling and enjoy a creative outlet over a traditional chocolate advent calendar. Plus, it is healthier and is a great way to create unique Christmas decorations after completing each jigsaw puzzle with the puzzle glue and ribbons included in the calendar.

Here is what you can expect in our Gibsons jigsaw advent calendar 2022:

  • 1 x bottle of puzzle glue
  • 1 x length of ribbon
  • 4 x snowflake-shaped puzzles (48 pieces)
  • 4 x star-shaped puzzles (51 pieces)
  • 4 x gift-shaped puzzles (49 pieces)
  • 4 x bauble-shaped puzzles (42 pieces)
  • 4 x gingerbread-shaped puzzles (59 pieces)
  • 4 x stocking-shaped puzzles (60 pieces).

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About the Artist

Portrait photo of illustrator Claire McElfatrick.


The ever-so-talented Claire McElfatrick is quite famous for her artwork at Gibsons, illustrating for our White Logo Collection with her circular jigsaw puzzles, as well as the ‘Wonderful Wildlife Children’s Jigsaw Puzzle’.

We love the illustration that Claire has created for the jigsaw advent calendar for 2022, showcasing a winter wonderland for families, friends and animals from around the world. In our 2021 interview with Claire McElfatrick, Claire expressed her love for the world and how she is drawn to patterns, exciting colours and textures. Her passion, mixed with her travels around the world, has inspired her artwork to create vibrant and warm illustrations, which is the perfect combination for the Christmas Adventure advent calendar. 

Why choose a jigsaw advent calendar over a traditional Christmas advent calendar? 

Child opening up a traditional chocolate advent calendar on hardwood floor.

Traditional chocolate advent calendars are somewhat out of style now, with many people wanting an advent calendar to be something more than a simple way to count down the days to Christmas. 

Instead, people are decided to go for advent calendars featuring tea bags, beauty products and alcoholic beverages. These are great for some people, but if you are a jigsaw fanatic (or know someone who is), then an advent calendar that counts down the days to Christmas with a new jigsaw puzzle each day - well, that’s a deal you can’t deny is fantastic! 

With each door, you have a new jigsaw puzzle to complete quickly and easily, which you can turn into an ornament to hang on your tree. These jigsaw puzzle ornaments can then be used for years to come! So you have a fun and relaxing activity with each day you count down to Christmas, and you also decorate your home with unique ornaments made from the hobby you love! 

A jigsaw advent calendar provides a little more magic to the festive season than traditional Christmas advent calendars and is a healthier way to count down the days. Plus, the Christmas Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar is a limited edition, so you will be one of a few hundred people in the UK to have a unique advent calendar and jigsaw puzzles for years to come!

Let the festivities begin with the Gibsons advent calendar

If you are looking for an alternative advent calendar for you or your loved one this year, then no need to look any further. The Christmas Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar is available at the fantastic price of £35.00 - but stocks won’t last long, so make sure you grab your advent calendar whilst you still can.

Gibsons Christmas advent calendar on a cream background with Christmas ornaments.


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Share the love! 

We would love to see you or your loved ones reactions to their jigsaw advent calendar, as well as any finished ornaments on your Christmas tree! 

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