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Meet Savannah - The People Behind the Puzzles

Meet Savannah - The People Behind the Puzzles
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Our team at Gibsons are always working hard to bring our customers the best jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and board games. So, we thought it was high time that we introduce you to the people behind the puzzles.




Meet Savannah. Here is a pic of her getting touristy with the Egyptian pyramids.




What do you do at Gibsons?


I’m part of the Customer Service team, looking after our lovely customers. We really pride ourselves on the good old-fashioned customer service at Gibsons and you can see that our customers are really happy from all of our wonderful Trustpilot reviews!



What's your favourite Gibsons game? Are there any non-Gibsons games you love?


My favourite has got to be 221b Baker Street. Throughout the pandemic I’ve even gotten my friends into it – we’ve played it virtually over Zoom and it’s been great. I’m one of the resident gamers at Gibsons and I’m willing to have a go at anything. The Product Development team know that I’m always up for test playing!


221b Baker Street £24


What’s your favourite puzzle?


This is a tough one. I only really started enjoying puzzles through the pandemic but now I always have one on the go at home. I don’t know if I have a favourite puzzle specifically but I like the work by Steve Crisp and Trevor Mitchell the most, as well as our White Logo Collection! 


Three Women £10.50

Shop the White Logo Collection here


How long have you worked at Gibsons?


I joined in August 2020. I’m still one of the newbies but it’s a fabulous team and I felt at home straight away.



Favourite Gibsons memory?


We’ve all been working virtually since I started, but my favourite memory was probably when we all started going back to the office and I actually got to meet my colleagues face to face for the first time, despite having worked with them already for several months.



Tell us a fun fact!


I’m originally from New Zealand and moved over to the UK 5 years ago.



What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not at work?


I love getting out to explore, whether it be a new local spot, hiking a mountain, or visiting a castle. I have a National Trust membership which means I can visit loads of great places around the UK, and I love travelling internationally as well!



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