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Every Piece Of You Q&A - Interview with Jelly

Every Piece Of You Q&A -  Interview with Jelly
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Every Piece of You is unique and important! Katie Abey has created this motivational 1000 piece puzzle, reminding us to celebrate the weird and wonderful pieces of ourselves in her usual fun and colourful style. The illustrations in this puzzle represent real people and their stories.

To celebrate Pride Month, we are promoting of Katie Abey's 'Every Piece Of You' puzzle. We interviewed some of the characters who were happy to share their input about their character and relationship with Katie.

Q1. Hi! Congratulations on being part of our jigsaw puzzle, Every Piece Of You! This 1000 piece puzzle is filled with magical and diverse human beings, including you! Can You describe the character that Katie has created for you?

Katie turned me in to a magical woodland fairy with wings. I enjoy nature, creativity, and all things magical.


Q2. How do you know Katie, and how did you end up in our jigsaw puzzle?

I discovered Katie, and heard about their shop through friends. When I heard they were doing a signing in my city. I went along to the event, where they had also designed a Bee doughnut as well. This was on the 17th November 2019. They also met Angela that day, and the two of them went on to make wonderful things and hold events together.


Q3. Please can you share which 'Sparkly and Weird' parts of yourself you used to hold back?

I'm part of a very special controversial comment which the people in my life know about. I have a symbol of said community on my left thigh. As a neurodivergent individual, I use to mask a lot and attempt to mimic the actions and societal norms of others around me. I would force myself to make eye contact, and speak about "regular topics". At one point I was considering dressing in less pastels and rainbows to comply. I realised it was not me. I just needed to find my people.


Q4. How did you learn to embrace them?

I found others who also held the same interests as me. I sought out help, medication and support groups. I let my loved ones know what things I had been struggling with, and how they could best support me. It made the world of difference. My life was now accessible. I could completely be me, and it feels really freeing.


Q5. We are hugely proud of this puzzle and think the message is so important. Do you have any advice for people who are struggling to celebrate every part of themselves?

You're not alone in your endeavours. There is also someone out there who enjoys the things you do. Seek them out, don't be afraid to ask for help. Take each day, one at a time. The adventure is going to be so wonderful. When you reach your destinations it will definitely feel worth it. You are loved. You deserve to be yourself in it's entirety. Practice mantras, invest in self care. Find others either online, or in real life to celebrate your growth with you. Take a class, for the skills you struggle with. It is not possible to be happy all the time, but try and find the little things in each moment. You have got this


Q6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I struggle to complete puzzles. So my challenge to myself is to try, and put this puzzle together without quitting or giving up. I'm allowed to ask for help and take breaks. Just like life, I am determined to make it. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Be true to yourself wonder humans & creatures.


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