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Christmas Is Coming! Gibsons gifts that are worth waiting up for.

Christmas Is Coming! Gibsons gifts that are worth waiting up for.
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Gibsons gifts that are worth waiting up for.

  • Christmas is Coming Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar

Following the success of our first ever jigsaw puzzle Christmas Calendar last year, which won a Gift of the Year Award in the Festive category, Christmas is Coming is a new design for 2019 which has been beautifully illustrated by the talented artist Pimlada Phuapradit.
  • Puzzle dimensions 18 x 10cm each.


  • Moonlit Magic 200pc Bauble

    Moonlit Magic is the ultimate festive gift that is bound to spread some Christmas cheer. Inside this little bauble is a 200 piece jigsaw puzzle that depicts a group of furry friends waiting for Santa to arrive. Adorned with twinkling snowflakes, this bauble puzzle is the perfect addition to any tinsel-laden Christmas tree. 

      • Open up this wonderful bauble to find a 200-piece jigsaw puzzle.
      • The perfect gift for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts this Christmas.
      • Puzzle Dimensions 29 x 20 cm.
      • Bauble size: 11.5 diameter.


      • Skating at Sunset 500pc Gift Puzzle

      This magical 500 piece puzzle is presented in a compact gift box, making it the perfect Christmas treat! The jigsaw puzzle has been painted by artist Lisa Alderson and portrays a crisp winter's evening, where all have gathered outside London's Somerset House to enjoy the ice rink.

      • Box size: 16x16x7.5cm.
      • Puzzle size 49x33.5cm.
      • Also available in 1000 piece


      Baby it’s cold outside! – Festive Jigsaws

      We have over 20 festive jigsaws in our puzzle range, including the latest Limited-Edition Christmas puzzle, Secret Santa. Packaged in gold foil, the 17th puzzle in this popular range comes with a special serial numbered certificate, making it the ultimate collector’s item.  In 2018 our limited Edition Puzzle, Driving Home for Christmas, was the No. 1 best best-selling puzzle in the UK, out-selling all other adult jigsaw puzzles and accessories by rate of sale in October-December. (NPD Reporting, 2018)

      The Winter Collection also includes large 4 in 1 multi-box puzzles as well as the 500-piece gift range that are presented in smart, square gift boxes. From 250XL pieces for beginners, to challenging 1000 piece for the experts, there’s something for everyone in the vast, festive range.

      Our 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle pieces are the thickest on the market and are made from 100% recycled board to ensure they can be used again and again.

      • 1000-piece puzzle dimensions 49 x 68cm.
      • Secret Santa contains a serial numbered certificate in the box.


      Little Puzzles for Little People!Little Gibsons Children’s Puzzles & Games

      Little Gibsons consists of six jigsaws and two games, all of which have been tailor-made for inquisitive pre-schoolers, thanks to their bright, quirky packaging and on-trend themes.

      The jigsaw puzzles are made from the same high-quality materials as our award-winning adult jigsaw range, guaranteeing durability and resilience. Each jigsaw has been designed by a British artist and is presented in an innovative box that links to the artwork theme. For example, the Sweet Dreams puzzle is presented in a striking crystal-ball shaped box to portray the mystical dream-world jigsaw that’s filled with unicorns and llamas!  The latest arrivals include You are Awesome, a 48 piece jigsaw puzzle that encourages little ones to be bold and brave, and Animal Party, a 24 piece design full of animal mischief.

      We added two memory games to the Little Gibsons range this summer, both of which accompany an existing puzzle in the range, Sweet Dreams and Superhero City. Each game includes 36 tiles and players must match the pairs, which include characters from the corresponding puzzles.


      Design-led Puzzles for Adults – The White Logo Collection

      Earlier this year we released a brand-new collection of design-led jigsaw puzzles. There are now six 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles available in the White Logo range, all of which have been specifically selected for their striking designs and unconventional scenes.

      With the recent wave of young adults wanting to take a ‘digital-detox’ and refrain from using their digital devices that can sometimes take over everyday life, puzzling is becoming a popular pastime as it is an excellent way to relive stress and focus on the present moment. Following these trends, our White Logo jigsaws are perfect for the new wave of puzzlers who are looking for more contemporary designs rather than traditional puzzle scenes.

      The puzzles are presented in smaller boxes and shrink wrap has been lost to avoid excess plastic waste, making them more environmentally friendly. What’s more, they have been designed and manufactured in the UK from the thickest board available on the jigsaw puzzle market.

      Carnival is a topsy-turvy tangle of tumultuous merriment which was specially commissioned to celebrate Gibsons’ 100th anniversary! Created by Hackney-based artist Rob Pybus, this 1000 piece puzzle is crammed full of centenary chaos and celebratory vibes. Avocado Park is Gibsons’ pear-fect 1000 piece puzzle filled to the brim with everyone’s favourite little fruit. London Lights is the latest design added to the collection where it’s Christmastime in London town and Regent Street is filled with light, thanks to the annual twinkling Christmas decorations.

      • Paper tabs hold the box together to reduce plastic wrap.
      • The completed puzzle measures 68cm x 49cm.


      Centenary Celebrations! - L’Attaque Board Game

      This extra-special copy of L'Attaque has been released to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gibsons. The box artwork has been carefully recreated to mimic the 1940s version of the game. Inside the box are the original rules (as well as the modern version!) as a memento of this captivating and historic game from Gibsons' archives.

      L'Attaque was the first of the 'big four' military-themed, strategy-based games we made. A game for two people, L'Attaque is played on a 9x10 square board with 36 soldiers in each army, which represent the French and the English. Players must strategically move their pieces to attack on alternate moves, with the aim of capturing their opponent's Flag.

      Originally marketed as the 'game to rival chess', copies of L'Attaque are featured in various historical museums, including the V&A in London, and was said to be a favourite of Winston Churchill.

      • 36x playing pieces for the Red Army, 36x playing pieces for the Blue Army
      • Original 20th century rules & quick-play rules
      • 2 players age 8+
      • Game play: 30-60 minutes


      Naughty but Nice – Gift Puzzles from Gibsons

      • Sweet Memories Gift Jigsaws

      We have four gift puzzles that make great treats for anyone with a sweet tooth! Winner of the Commemorative & Collectable Gift of the Year Award 2019, each Sweet Memories tin holds a 500-piece puzzle featuring a mouth-watering collage of delicious treats from either the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or 1980s. Filled to the brim with nostalgia, puzzlers can take a trip down memory lane as the pieces from the past fit together once more. Open the tin and dive in!

      • Each tin contains a 500-piece puzzle.
      • Designed by Robert Opie, owner of The Museum of Brands in London.
      • Puzzle dimensions 34x49cm.
      • Tin dimensions 12x7x15cm.


      Family Favourites – For the Dinner Table

      • It’s Elementary! – 221b Baker Street Board Game & Expansion Pack

      221B Baker Street is the London address of the most celebrated fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his dedicated companion, Dr. Watson. In this detective game you start at 221B and travel through the streets and alleys of London picking up clues and attempting to solve the most intriguing cases Holmes and Watson have ever faced.

      Due to popular demand, we have created 50 new cases to add to the original 221B Baker Street game. Presented in a smart burgundy box that sits handsomely beside its counterpart, the expansion pack includes 50 brand new cases that are just waiting to be solved.  Original game required to play.

      The expansion pack contains:

      • 50 new cases.
      • Clues and solutions booklet.
      • Solution check.
      • Collectible metal playing piece.


      • It’s the Bee’s Knees! – Honeycombs Game

      Winner of the National Parenting Product Award 2019, Honeycombs, is the family matching game that will have players buzzing around like bees to a honeypot! Each game comes with 52 hexagon shaped tiles that feature six different symbols. Players must frantically connect their tiles together as they attempt to be the first to either join up all of their tiles or to create a honeycomb shape! The more matches you make the more points you earn…have you got what it takes to be the queen bee?!

      • Package size: 20x11cm.
      • Available from 15th
      • Age 7+.
      • 1-8 players.
      • 15-30 minutes game playing time.


      • Fire Up Your Brain Cells! – Pass the Bomb & Pass the Pud Games


      Shake up your Christmas routine with our silly, after-dinner party games! Pass the Pud and Pass the Bomb are the hilarious action-packed word games that are the perfect entertainment for the whole family.

      Pass the Pud is an exciting team game for four or more players. Everyone’s nerves will be tested to the limits as they answer questions in a race against time to beat the burp. Players take it in turns to draw a card from four mouth-watering categories. They must come up with an answer before quickly passing the pud on to the next player, who must also come up with a suitable answer – and so it goes on until the dreaded ‘burp!’ Once all of the cards have been used, the team with the most sixpences are the winners.

      Pass the Bomb is back with a brand-new look and the game encourages players to fire up their brain cells as they take part in this explosive word game. Trigger the timer, flip the card and then frantically think of a word containing all the letters before passing the bomb on to the next player. But watch out! The timer is random and could detonate at any moment. Even the most eloquent players will find themselves tongue-tied!


      • Muster Up Your Magic – Crystal Hall Board Game


      Crystal Hall is our latest family board game. The game was developed by a group of four friends, John, Ben, Luke and Maren, who first launched the game on Kickstarter in 2016 and received over £5000 thanks to 120 backers. John then went on to pitch the game to Gibsons at Toy Fair 2017, who instantly fell in love with it and made the decision to add it to their growing games offering.

      Crystal Hall encourages players to lead their wizard-shaped counters around the hall in a quest to uncover the four magical crystals that are hidden among the 36 face-down tiles. The first player to visit each of these tiles and extract the crystals is the winner. However, there’s a twist, as there are more than just crystals under the tiles…cauldrons, potions, curses, even enchanted swamps await each player. The other twist is that as witches and wizards, each player has lots of disruptive spells up their sleeves that can be used to ensure they are first to get their hands on the mystical crystals of power…do you have what it takes to be the most powerful wizard in the Crystal Hall?

      • 2 - 4 players.
      • Age 10+.
      • Box dimensions: 26x26x8cm.
      • Each game lasts around 90 minutes.


      Stupendous Stocking Fillers- Gifts Under £15

      • Mind the Gap, Zonkers, Pixit

      We have three quick-play card games that are the perfect entertainment for long car journeys or rainy afternoons. The first is Mind the Gap, the TfL licensed game that is presented in a sturdy little tin and takes players on a trip around the London Underground as they try to be the first to get rid of their hand.

      Zonkers is the fast and frantic dice game. Frantically roll your dice in a head-to-head frenzy as you try to win cards and beat your foe. The aim of the game is to match your dice with the dice graphics on the cards. When the cards are filled with dice, or when a player places their last dice, the round ends and the player with the most dice on a card wins.

      Pixit is the quick-play game where players must create order out of chaos by piling up their Pixit cubes, selecting a card, and then twisting, turning and tipping their cubes into place to recreate a pixelated image. This highly addictive, simple to learn game can be played alone, in pairs or in groups…there are hours of fun inside one little cube! Whether Pixit is played in teams, in pairs or as a solo activity, each mode is exceedingly addictive and gets tremendously tense as the Pixit cubes twist and turn. With each game taking between 15 and 30 minutes to play, it’s the perfect entertainment for a long journey or a cosy afternoon.

      • Mind the Gap: (2 – 8 players, for ages 6+).
      • ®© Transport for London, registered User No. 16/5109.
      • Zonkers:(1-4 players, aged 6+).
      • Time: 15-30 minutes.
      • Pixit: (Ages 6+, Game play is 15-30 minutes).
      • Each cube is identical to the rest.
      • Share your Pixit Play-offs using #PixitGame.


      • Piatnik Unique Singles Playing Cards

      We are proud distributors of Piatnik Unique Singles playing cards, the collection of high quality playing cards available in a number of quirky themes.

      In every pack, each of the 52 cards feature an original illustration on the chosen theme that is sourced and produced by Bird Playing Cards. Founded 25 years ago by V&A publisher Nicky Bird, each playing card pack has been inspired by popular culture, such as the infamous Banksy graffiti to icons from the 80s. With over 30 packs in the collection, best-selling themes include Prosecco, Football Legends and Marmite, and we have just introduced Frida Kahlo and Unshaven to the range.

      Each set of playing cards are presented in an eye-catching tuck box and are made from premium quality card which means they can be enjoyed again and again.

      • Presented in a durable tuck box
      • Ideal for collectors
      • Pack size 95x70x20mm
      • Card size 63x88mm
      • Includes 52 unique card designs







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