My Nursery Rhymes

My World

My Nursery Rhymes is a colourful selection of four progressive puzzles depicting favourite Nursery Rhyme characters. Easily recognisable, these puzzles encourage children to understand the basic elements of story-telling, such as having a main character and a sequence of events. You could ask the child to make up a new ending or even a new story to go with the picture. Lots more tips on how to extend the play value can be found on the box. There is a handy posting slot at the top of the box so that children can post their pieces and help with clearing away.

My World puzzles and games are a fun, colourful way for children to learn about the world around them and have been developed in conjunction with child psychologist And play specialist Dr Amanda Gummer. They complement the learning goals of the National Curriculum, as well as enhancing general skills such as concentration, imagination, communication, observation and hand-eye coordination. As with all My World puzzles and games they are made in Britain using 100% recycled board.


  • Four bright puzzles with 4 and 6 pieces.
  • Sing along to these childhood favourites.
  • Each puzzle measures 15x 15cm when complete.
  • Chunky, good quality pieces; ideal for little hands.
  • Made in Britain on 100% recycled board.