Jigmap Great Britain & Ireland Jigsaw

Phil Dobson

__Available from mid January __

Jig-Maps provide a great introduction to geography and will probably challenge mum and dad alongside their children!

Jigmap Britain & Ireland is perfect for ages 5 and up, the challenge is to piece it all together and successfully answer the questions in the special name quiz to decide whether you are a geographical genius or topographically inept!

Like all of Gibsons jigsaws, Jigmap Britain & Ireland is made from 100% recycled board of the highest quality.


High quality 150 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Age 7+.
Includes a place name quiz.
Made from thick, durable puzzle board that is 100% recycled.

Artist Profile

Phil Dobson

Phil Dobson originally studied architecture at Oxford before switching to Fine Art and History of Art at Reading University. This sudden change led to Phil’s initial interest in an architectonic constructional approach to art, involving the application of systems in both two- and three-dimensional work, which is seen in his puzzle London From Above. Phil’s techniques have evolved many times throughout his years of being an artist, and today he applies acrylic in different thicknesses which is manipulated in various ways and then sanded down to a smooth finish; a technique that represents an attempt to make sense of the increasing images received from TV and digital technology. Phil Dobson’s paintings can be found all over London, including the Saatchi Gallery, as well as abroad.

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