UK Games Expo - Only one week to go!

24th May 2018

There’s only a week to go until this year’s UK Games Expo at the NEC, Birmingham and the Gibsons team have a wealth of exciting plans up their sleeves!

2018 is the second year that Gibsons (Hall 1 Stand B20) have attended the Expo and will be launching a brand new game, relaunching an expansion pack and demoing several games that made their Gibsons debut this year.

The first of the new additions is Crystal Hall, the magical game that encourages players to lead their wizard-shaped counters around the hall in a quest to uncover the four magical crystals! Players must endure potions, curses, and even enchanted swamps as they attempt to be the first to get their hands on the mystical crystals of power.

Tabletop Gaming Crystal Hall Half Page Final-001

Ideal for children aged 10+, Crystal Hall is launching at UK Games will be the first opportunity to test play the game, as well as purchase it and get it signed by the inventor, John Power!

G779 221b Baker Street Expansion pack G778-221b-Baker-Street-2014

The second new addition is the expansion pack for 221b Baker Street. Having sold out every Christmas since its re-release in 2014, the Sherlock Holmes inspired game encourages players to roam the streets of London in a search for clues to solve a mysterious case. The game has been such a success that Gibsons have released an expansion pack for those who have already made their way through the 75 cases that are included in the original. Presented in a smart burgundy box that sits handsomely besides its counterpart, the expansion pack includes 50 brand new cases that are just waiting to be solved.

221b Crop Small

To celebrate the release of the expansion pack, Gibsons have created a special, UK Games Expo themed 221B Baker Street case that urges visitors to don their deer snatchers and become a master sleuth! Swing by the Gibsons stand (Hall1, B20) to pick up the mysterious case card and then travel to various stands around the Expo in search for clues. Once all the clues have been discovered and the mystery has been solved, return to the Gibsons stand to present the solution! If the case has been successfully solved, each participant will receive a 25% off 221b Baker Street voucher and be entered into a prize draw to win the ultimate Gibsons games bundle!

Pixit is a new game for Gibsons that launched in February 2018 and Gibsons will be holding a ‘Pixit Playoff’ tournament for the duration of the show.

G9020 Pixit copy
Designed by games inventor David Mortimer, Pixit urges players to create order out of chaos. Packaged in a smart box that replicates one of the cubes from the game, Pixit consists of black and white cubes that are used in a head-to-head to recreate the pixelated images that appear on the 46 different image cards. To enter the Pixit Playoff, visitors must swing by the Gibsons stand and they will be timed to see how long it takes them to recreate one of the Pixit cards. The entrant with the quickest time at the end of the show will a fabulous bundle of Gibsons games!

G984 Civilization

Gibsons will be showcasing a wide range of products and urge all to visit their stand to test-play their games. For serious gamers, we are proud to announce that the renowned Civilization inventor, Francis Tresham, will be on the Gibsons stand on Saturday 1st June! He will be happy to sign copies of the Civilization re-release, the epic game that pits players against each other in their quest to lead a nation to the pinnacle of development.

For more information contact the Gibsons PR Office

• The scavenger hunt and Pixit Playoff will run throughout the UK Games Expo (1st-3rd June 2018)
• All entrants for the Scavenger Hunt must submit their Solution Cards by 2pm on Sunday 3rd June 2018 if they want to be included in the prize draw
• The prize draw includes a bundle of Gibsons games worth over £80 RRP
• The winner of the Scavenger Hunt and Pixit Playoff prize draw will be announced at 3pm on Sunday 3rd June 2018.
• Each Scavenger Hunt participant will receive a 25% off voucher which can be used on any product on the Gibsons stand. It must be used at the UK Games Expo 2018.
• Visit the Gibsons stand from Friday 1st June (Hall1 B20) for more info.
• 221b Baker Street is available now (£25 RRP)
• A limited number of the 221b Baker Street Expansion Pack will be available for the first time at UKGE, with the official release in July 2018.
• Gibsons is the oldest British-owned company in the puzzle industry, having been founded in 1919 as H. P. Gibson & Sons Limited, and has a rich family history.
• Gibsons was founded by Harry Gibson, after he secured loan of £500 from the Royal Bank of Scotland in Bishopsgate, London.
• In the late 70s H P Gibson & Sons shortened its name to ‘Gibsons’, and shortly after, in the early 80s, Gibsons introduced their first jigsaw puzzles.
• The Gibsons puzzle range has grown to over 250 titles, running from 2 to 2000 pieces, with over 50 new jigsaw puzzle images added every year.
• Gibsons have a broad selection of products for all the family including games and puzzles suitable from pre-school to big school and beyond!
• The business is still owned and run by the Gibson family.

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