Gibsons Release 100th Anniversary edition of L'Attaque

5th February 2019

We have launched an extra-special copy of one of our first ever games, L'Attaque, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gibsons!

G9101 L'Attaque box

L'Attaque was the first of the 'big four' military-themed, strategy-based games from Gibsons. It was printed and manufactured from our premises in Aldersgate Street, London,from the early 1920s until 1940, when the site was destroyed in The Blitz.

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We have redesigned the box artwork to mimic an original version of the game, from back in the early 20th centenary. Inside the box are the original rules (as well as the modern version!) as a momento from the captivating and historic game from Gibsons' archives.

L'Attaque - Original Versions

A game for two people, L'Attaque is played on a 9x10 square board with 36 soldiers in each army, which represents the French and the English. Players must strategically move their pieces to attack on alternate moves with the aim of capturing their opponent's Flag. What's more, they must use their Spy playing piece to seek out the Commander in Cheif, the most valuable piece on the board besides the all-important Flag.

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Origially marketed as the 'game to rival chess', copies of L'Attaque are featured in various historical museums, including the V&A in London.

L'Attaque will be available to buy in May 2019, exactly 100 years since Gibsons was founded on 15th May 1919.

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