London Transport Posters

Piatnik have been making the finest quality playing cards since 1824. Their superior standard make these playing cards a favourite in the market, and the single packs with unique classic and historic designs on each card are ideal for collectors and gifts.

Piatnik’s London Transport Posters singles celebrate the graphic art on London Transport posters of the 20th Century. The cards feature images designed by Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland and Man Ray, illustrating how Frank Pick revolutionised posters, making them encourage passengers to travel outside of peak hours and promote attractions within London. This collector’s pack about London nostalgically reminds the player of the past posters that once dominated the London Transport we know today.

These collectable playing cards feature 52 unique images with each card face showing a different image. Single pack of 52 cards and two jokers, card size 88mm x 63mm.

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