Here at Gibsons, quality products and excellent service continue to be our priority. We are always looking for ways to improve so hearing what you think is very important to us!

I am a disabled Pensioner and spend MUCH time on 500 piece puzzles. I have been given a box of 4 in one “Out & About” with Kevin Walsh as artist. I can not convey to you my absolute joy at this wonderful product. My aim is to make a library of your product, as I will never be bored, and will no longer need other brands. Congratulations to all your team.. well done.

Mrs Baker
West Yorkshire

Just to say that we love your puzzles and have just purchased, and completed, the wonderful Salcombe Harbour puzzle. Quite difficult but we like a challenge! We shall carry on puzzling!

We have been coming to Salcombe for holidays for over 40 years, so were so pleased to see this one.

J. Mihalop

I am enjoying the first puzzle I have ever had from your company. I am so impressed with the quality of your product compared to that of other companies. It is such a pleasure to again work a puzzle with thick pieces that are easy to pick up and lock together securely, especially the border. I am so irritated by puzzles that have a border that do not interlock completely all way around. Now that I have seen your product I am going to keep a sharp eye out in the future for those from Gibsons.
Thank you very, very much.

D. Nicewarner
Frederick MD, USA

‘I am writing to you to say I think that your puzzles are very good! Usually, I don’t like 500 piece puzzles but with yours I find that I am having so much fun all the way through it! I think that everyone should get one as they are very good quality!’

R. Porter (aged 10)

‘I have just rediscovered the joy of jigsaw puzzles after not having done any for very many years. I bought two of yours – Life in the Slow Lane and Grandad’s Workshop as an experiment and the whole family have really enjoyed completing them. They are excellent quality and very interesting pictures – without acres of boring sky! I shall certainly look out for more of your puzzles in future.’

C. Baglow

‘Not having done a jigsaw for more years than I care to remember, I found reference to your Dambusters puzzle through Amazon UK. I enjoyed the experience so much that my wife bought me your Biggin Hill Wing puzzle showing Nicolas Trudgian’s picture of Sailor Malan’s Spitfire as a Christmas present — it is nearly complete!

The quality of the puzzles is superb and likewise the illustrations on the boxes. I can only congratulate you all and thank you for providing so many hours of pleasure.’

D. H.
West Midlands

‘I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to you for producing such high quality jigsaws! I just love the pictures that you choose. Being in my late 70s they are so reminiscent of my young past in the 1940s and 1950s and I really do enjoy them! My husband has just bought me Stop me and Buy One, West Country and Flora and Fauna for my birthday and Christmas, so I’m well pleased, with plenty to do now through the winter. Jigsaws are so therapeutic, I love them!’

M. Dransfield
West Yorkshire

‘Just thought I’d let you know that I have had a great time doing your 500-piecer, ‘Hidden Hideaway’. Quite tricky but SOO rewarding and thoroughly enjoyed it – hence this email. Never commented on a jigsaw before, but hey – there’s always a first time!’

L. Taylor

‘I’ve just wanted to give some feedback on the your Castle Combe mini Puzzle. As a Christmas gift I was a little worried by the size of the gift under the tree as I had been lead to believe it was a jigsaw puzzle. But what joy it has been, 210 pieces, beautiful illustrated by Terry Harrison, lovely solid box and so perfect to be able to build straight into it. Each piece been a size that was tactile, held lots of detail and cut and joined perfectly. Your Mini Puzzle range might come in a smaller box, but wow the jigsaw inside is just amazing! I can hand on heart say that this jigsaw made my Christmas.

A great big thank you all at Gibsons.’

D. Banford

‘I wanted to say how very much I enjoy doing your jigsaw puzzles.  I have a box of 4×500 at present, A Year in the Garden, and have so far finished 3 of them.  They are delightful pictures.  Thank you for giving me so much pleasure.’

J. Packman

‘I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed working the Flora & Fauna puzzles painted by John Francis.  They have really been a delight to do.  I know you enclose a fair amount of garden/nature puzzles, eg. Kinkade ones, of which I have a large collection, but the Flora & Fauna designs are some of the best I’ve worked so far.  Thank you again.’

J. Howe

‘What a wonderful pastime doing your jigsaws giving me hours and hours of enjoyment and keeping the “old brain box” ticking over.  There’s such a wide variety and always interesting, lovely memories.’

M. Antrobus

‘Puzzles are my lifeline as time hangs a bit since I became a widow. I do them at night time, I find myself doing them over and over now and never tiring of them. We particularly liked the Trevor Mitchell/Jim Mitchell ones- the pictures are so realistic. Also liking the traditional ones.’

Mrs Hodnett

‘I would like to pass on my thanks for helping my husband through a tough time in his life. Having been diagnosed with a disease that makes outdoor hobbies difficult to participate in, your puzzles have kept us entertained and we especially enjoy the ‘I Love’ range.’


‘Congratulations on your marvellous selection of jigsaw puzzles. I’ve been doing them on and off all my life and now I am a pensioner I have more time on my hands – it’s lovely to sit and relax with such an enjoyable hobby!’

P. Murphy

‘I’ve just started doing jigsaw puzzles after approximately a 15 year break due to eye problems. I used to be crazy about jigsaws all those years ago and now I’m hooked once again as I love the ‘I Love’ series.

Thank you for hours of pleasure.’

P. Frederick

‘Just to let you know, I think Gibsons puzzles are the best and I always recommend them to everybody!’


‘I just wanted to thank Gibsons for the pleasure your jigsaws have given me over the years – i have boxes in every spare cupboard and many of them are from Gibsons. Trouble is, they are like old friends and i can’t bear to part with them – sad or what!’

P. Stringer

‘I’ve just finished piecing together ‘Seaside Silliness’ and really enjoyed completing it! The artwork is endearing and fantastic.  It was an enormous challenge and the jigsaw itself was very high quality and completely correct. Thankyou so much for enriching my seaside home.’

G. Holmes

‘I would like to congratulate you on stumping me with one of your jigsaw puzzles. I rarely have difficulty in making a puzzle as it’s one of my favourite hobbies but it took several weeks and attempts to complete ‘Our Royal Family’!
Thank you for the hours of therapeutic fun and frustration with the last jigsaw!’


N. Johnson

‘I have just completed your jigsaw puzzle “The Summer Show” by John Francis, and would like to congratulate you on such a fine puzzle. As an 85 year old in the early stages of dementia, I find they are something I can do and have spent lots of happy hours doing many of yours.
I am a qualified engineer who once owned a very successful engineering business and was formerly a trained draughtsman, so therefore also have much admiration for the artists.
My main reason for writing is to say how much pleasure I get doing your jigsaw puzzles – this one was a challenge!’

J. Hodgson

I have just completed ‘Waterloo Station’ and when it arrived in the post I was delighted to find it was a Gibsons jigsaw! Of all the jigsaws I do, I find Gibsons the best quality. It was quite challenging to do but when completed looks quite outstanding. Some of my visitors are quite overwhelmed with its magnificence!

R. Felton

I have been making jigsaws since I was a little girl but only just discovered Mike Jupp’s ‘I Love’ range. His work is a delight to complete and I always seem to find something new to look at when I make the jigsaw.

I have just purchased ‘I Love Spring’ and the expression on the bull’s face alone is an absolute delight and enough to life the spirirts on wet winter days. He truly is an artist who understands emotions, circumstances and of course, people.

G. Goodall

I would like to let you know how great the 210 piece Mini Gift Puzzles are.  I have all 4 in your current range as they are ideal – relatively quick to do, easy to work with as you complete the jigsaw in the box and you’ve even thought to provide a print of the completed jigsaw as I use the lid to put the  pieces in!
Thank you for such an innovative idea and please bring some more into the range!


Vikki Small

‘I have loads of your puzzles and games and my kids were brought up with them. We now use them as a tool with our thirty year old son who had a brain tumour and then a stroke. Your games are great fun and allow us to all get together, my son included.
I also do your puzzles too and swap with my mum who also enjoys them, so thank you and continue doing what you do!’

Agnes Shand

I just want to let you know we are very impressed with your customer service. We lost a domino from the deluxe set and were very upset and you very kindly sent us a complimentary replacement.

Thank you so much it has restored our faith in what made Britain great – good service!

Maggie Paiton

‘I thought that you might like to hear how my elderly mother enjoys playing Shut The Box.  When I say elderly I actually mean that she is 103.  What makes your game so unique is that although she is almost blind because of macular degeneration, she is still just able to see the  large numbers on the drop down tablets. The only change I’d made is to get some much larger dice. Her mental arithmetic skills have always been amazing especially now that she is over a hundred. With not being able to see or hear very well this game is a life line to her which she looks foreword to when we visit her in the care home. In fact one of the care staff has borrowed it to help stimulate another elderly person in the home. I hope that you find this encouraging – keep up the good work with these imaginative products!’

Doug Moore

‘Having bought Gibsons puzzles for years, regarding them among the best, I feel I must now write and say how delighted I am to find your customer service so good and so prompt.’

H. Shawyer

‘We have tried lots of other puzzles, but have found Gibsons are the best….’

W. Streeton

‘I now have four puzzles from your company and will certainly buy more. It is nice to know that a British company is still with us and values their customers, because that is how I felt- valued. Please keep going as a company- we need you.’

R. Stafford

‘I have brought your puzzles for some years now and have always found them to be excellent and of good quality.’

West Sussex

‘I started “Gibsons – Grandad’s Attic.”  When I opened the bag of puzzle pieces and there was little or no puzzle dust, I knew I had a quality puzzle.  I really like the size of the picture on the box and that there isn’t anything (like words…) covering it.  The pieces are cut so well and are so thick.  I am very pleased with this puzzle! Thank you for helping me keep my sanity.’


‘Sometimes in life it’s nice to get a “pat on the back” – and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made the puzzle called Meadow Farm. I`ve just finished it – and it was really fun to do and got a few of my friends involved too and it has helped this dreary winter along.’

C. Clowe
North Hampton

‘I have recently received my ‘Diamond Jubilee’ puzzle. It is so colourful with wonderful pictures of the Queens reign. My fingers are itching to start it!’


‘I enjoyed very much completing ‘The Great British Pub.’ A lovely, lovely puzzle which I enjoyed very much! It look me nearly 8 weeks to complete and helped me through the winter as I live alone.’


‘Just a few words of sincere thanks for your puzzles. We are at present tackling ‘Cheese & Chutney’ and it is proving more difficult than first expected, but we both like a challenge! Please keep up the good work, and once again thank you so much for making two ‘oldies’ happy.’

J and J Ramsay

‘I really enjoy your puzzles, especially as I am 88 and disabled they give me great pleasure to ‘work things out’ and when I have completed them a few times I take them to my church on their Fete days. Thank you.’

Great Yarmouth

‘I have just received the 2000 piece jigsaw called ‘Lamplight Brook’ and I have never been given such a beautiful jigsaw. Sometimes, it may take around four or five months to complete a Thomas Kinkade puzzle of 1000 pieces, so this 2000 piece will take me longer, but I will complete it and enjoy every piece I put together. Your puzzles are my life since my husband past away, and once they get completed they will never be broken up. So once again, and big thank you from me.’

North Wales

‘I have just completed your jigsaw, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and felt I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed making it. The picture is lovely and the bits are well made and sturdy.’

R. Green

‘I so love your puzzles and have quite a collection. In fact I have a whole room dedicated to housing them. Many of my friends borrow or swap them and I am always excited to see new puzzles as they are released. Thank you for giving me such an absorbing hobby! To start building each puzzle is like beginning a journey to a holiday destination, the completion of which has given the most satisfaction, stimulating the desire for another!!’

E. Jones

‘I have just received my ‘I Love London’ jigsaw and was so delighted. I now have all the ‘I Love’ series which are redone. You puzzles are the best quality. Thank you very much.’


‘Your company has to be congratulated on the quality of your service and products.’


‘Thank you for your wonderful service. I am a jigsaw fanatic and I will always continue to purchase your products.’

A. Peverret

‘Thank you for the jigsaw puzzles, we have taken 3 of your puzzles on holiday with us thank goodness we had them. It kept us entertained here in Weymouth, as it never stopped raining and wind kept going all day yesterday!’

M. Gold

‘I just want to thank you for your jigsaw puzzles. They have kept my husband happy through his retirement from work. I bought the first one as a “stocking filler” at Christmas, and now average one a fortnight! Please keep the supply coming. Again, many thanks for your interesting, attractive, and 
reasonably priced 1000 piece puzzles.’

S. Potter

‘I have just received the 1000 piece ‘Our Royal Family’ 60th Anniversary Coronation puzzle as a gift for my 63rd Wedding Anniversary. I have been doing your jigsaws since I retired in 1986 and it is a great hobby of mine. I must say that this one I have just finished was one of the best I have ever done and I am keeping it on the board for many others to see in the future. I look forward to doing many more, always of your jigsaws for I think they are very good.’

R. Martin

‘Just a few words to say how much I enjoyed doing your puzzle ‘I Love Britain.’ What lovely colours and it must have taken a lifetime to plan; a proper tribute to what Britain has achieved and the history.’


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