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Frequently asked questions

I have pieces missing from my jigsaw puzzle, what do I do?
A warranty slip has been placed inside the jigsaw box listing the information required to request a replacement bag of puzzle pieces.We know it’s frustrating when a faulty puzzle ruins the fun of one of our jigsaw puzzles and here at Gibsons we pride ourselves on the old fashioned family service we offer our customers.   In the rare event that you have a fault we are here to help.Simply return the warranty slip to the address below together with the following details and we’ll send you a new bag of puzzle pieces free of charge.

  1. Title of the puzzle
  2. Barcode number (found on the base of the puzzle box starting with 50122690xxxxx)
  3. Name of the retailer (if known)
  4. Receipt, or if not available, the approximate date of purchase
  5. Any five pieces of the puzzles – please keep your jigsaw box
  6. Your name and complete UK postal address


Unfortunately, we are unable to replace specific pieces as each puzzle is cut individually.  Each puzzle is therefore unique and pieces in one puzzle are unlikely to fit into another.

THIS WARRANTY ONLY APPLIES IN THE UNITED KINGDOM and to the replacement of the originally purchased named puzzle.  For purchases/residence outside the UK please contact the retailer directly.
Thank you for your understanding.

Please send to: Customer Service, Gibsons, Gemini Court, 42A Throwley Way, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4AF.

I’m based outside of the UK and have pieces missing from my jigsaw puzzle, what do I do?
The warranty only applies in the United Kingdom and to the replacement of the originally purchased named puzzle. For purchases/residence outside the UK please contact the retailer directly.

Where can I buy Gibsons products from?
Click on where to buy located on our main page. As well as a list of retailers including online shops and mail order, you can enter your post code and find those who are closest to you.

Where can I find the prices of Gibsons products?
Gibsons do not sell direct to the public. Instead we sell to retailers who set their own pricing which can vary slightly.

Can I have my own print made into a jigsaw?
We do not manufacture puzzles for the bespoke market but there are many companies who can do this. Try an Internet search or try asking your local photo processing shop.

Where can I buy discontinued jigsaw puzzles?
For discontinued or nostalgic puzzles there is a healthy market, and a community who operate via the internet. If you use a Search Engine with the puzzle name/Nostalgic/discontinued you should received a positive response.

I’m not based in the UK, where can I purchase Gibsons jigsaw puzzles?
A selection of our mail order and internet customers will fulfil overseas orders. These include Amazon & Jigsaw Puzzles Direct. Please refer to our where to buy section.

Can I buy a print of a puzzle?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide prints of puzzles due to licensing restrictions.

Can I submit my artwork for use on your puzzles?
Gibsons have a collection of artists and photographers who supply us with our trademark jigsaw artwork. We therefore do not accept artworks from the general public at this time.

Can I submit an idea for a game?
The Research and Development Department is unable to accept any games ideas submitted by the members of the public.
Email for further assistance.
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