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Too Many Cooks Jigsaw Puzzle
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Too Many Cooks Jigsaw Puzzle

by Susan Brabeau

You’re never too young to help out in the kitchen, although Mum and Dad might not appreciate the mess! As the eggs are whisked with utmost concentration and the cookie mix is carefully rolled out, the family dogs look on hungrily in the hope of trying a sample.

As with all Gibsons jigsaws, the beautifully illustrated pieces are made from the highest quality 100% recycled board and are therefore a pleasure to work with again and again.


The imagery of Susan Brabeau appeals to the viewer on several levels: bringing forth moods and sentiments of a by gone era, creating an illusion of life so completely that the viewer can almost hear the sounds within an image.
High quality 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Each puzzle measures 34x49cm when complete.
Made from thick, durable board that is 100% recycled.
Beautifully painted by Susan Brabeau
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