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I Love Great Britain Gift Jigsaw Puzzle
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I Love Great Britain Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

by Mike Jupp

Get ready to see Great Britain’s most iconic figures as you’ve never seen before. There is a chuckle a minute in this amazingly detailed puzzle illustrated by bestselling artist Mike Jupp, with his tongue firmly in his cheek!

It is almost impossible to list all the characters and comic scenes, but you’ll have a great time piecing this puzzle together. His cartoons are legendary – the more you look, the more you see! I Love Great Britain details Mike’s hilarious capacity to capture the comical side of these typically British icons.

This 500 piece version of the popular I Love Great Britain jigsaw is packaged in a smart, compact box – the perfect gift for an avid puzzler! As with all Gibsons jigsaws, the beautifully illustrated pieces are made from the highest quality 100% recycled board and are therefore a pleasure to work with again and again.


Mike Jupp

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Mike Jupp is one of Gibsons most successful artists and cartoon illustrators who delight our fans with his ‘I Love’ range, where his manages to capture the comical and ridiculous side of everyday life. Born in 1948 in Tonbridge, Kent, he was adopted and grew up in West Sussex. After studying Animation at West Sussex College of Art and Design he moved to London and became a freelance artist in 1974, moving into film and TV design in 1980. After creating the award winning cartoon series The Dreamstone and Bimble’s Bucket, in the late 1990s Mike applied his talent and lively sense of humour to creating designs for Jigsaw puzzles and the ‘I Love’ series was born. In the years since, ‘I Love’ puzzles have become a legend amongst jigsaw fans and their popularity continues to grow.
High quality 500 piece jigsaw puzzle presented in a small, smart gift box.

Textured gift box measures 16x16cm.

Each puzzle measures 34x49cm when complete.

Made from thick, durable board that is 100% recycled.

Painted by the talented artist, Mike Jupp.
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